Bath Bomb Press Machine:

Our post today focuses on the bath bomb press machine. With that being said, there is definitely a learning curve to making successful bath bombs, first.

The first step in any bath bomb making business is to understand what you’re working with. How the ingredients work together, to eventually give you the results you want. What is your end goal, and how are you going to get there.

This is truly a science. Whether that be a colorful bath bomb, one that fizz’s, floats, spins, foams, soothes or ones with a special surprise inside.

After figuring out the purpose of your bath bomb(s), the next step is to make sure the ingredients work together. It’s important to understand climate and proper troubleshooting techniques for your recipe.

You need to develop a recipe that properly holds together when unmolding and drying. Once you have achieved these basic steps, there are additional tools and accessories that can make your life a whole lot easier.

Is A Bath Bomb Press Machine Right For You?

If you are simply looking to make bath bombs for fun to distribute at birthdays, for holidays, or kids to play with in the tub, a bath bomb press, or bath bomb molding machine, is probably not necessary for you.

However, if you’re someone who makes and sells bath bombs for a living, or needs to scale up your business, a bath bomb press machine may be just what you need.

Making dozens of these treats everyday may be fun at first, but you will get to a point where you want to automate this process. If you do wholesale, this is a no brainer. Making hundreds and thousands of bath bombs using your hands, is not easy by any stretch.

If you sell well online or through channels such as local, county fairs, and other events, where you are making large batches, a molding machine is highly recommended.

What To Choose?

There are many different bath bomb press machines on the market. This includes electric, to manual ones. Some even offer the ability to make multiple bath bombs at once, expediting the process.

The great thing about these is they save your hands and wrists from that constant press together motion. This can get quite cumbersome. Newer presses are designed for a variety of specific bath bomb molds and designs. No longer do you have to stick with only round bath bombs.

Many manufacturers or sellers, also offer packages that include the press and molds. It may be important to your business to find a press that works with a variety of types of molds, not just the molds that come with the press, if that makes sense.

Having flexibility is important. Make sure to read reviews about each bath bomb press machine you research. If you’re unsure of a feature (safety features, etc.), call the company and ask.

I. Electric Bath Bomb Press Machine:

Electric press machines are the best choice for many, because they take away virtually all of the manual efforts. Once you have your recipe/mixture ready, simply add to the mold the appropriate amount, and press a button.

Let the press do all the work. As we discussed earlier, if you are not an avid maker or scaling a business, these are probably not the best choice. Why?

They tend to be fairly expensive. Now, keep in mind, the prices do vary. However, if you purchase a press from a reputable company you’re easily spending a few hundred bucks, to over a grand or more.

Side Note: Some of these automated mold presses come with there own recipes that work best for there molds, keep this in mind.

From experience, you get what you pay for, as far as material and functionality. You can get press machines from places like Amazon. Alternatively, do a search on Google for “bath bomb mold press machines”.

Regardless, make sure you read your reviews, we can’t stress this enough.

Here is one of the simpler electric bath bomb presses: Electra Press

II. Hand Press Bath Bomb Mold Machine:

You can also find bath bomb presses that are manual. Typically, these have a lever that rotates or one that presses downward. They tend to work fairly well, while also alleviating much of the workload.

If you’re business is early on, a manual press machine is a great option. We have used this hand press, and it works well. It takes very little effort, easy to put together, and does just what it’s made for. offers eclectic presses as well. However, we have never personally used them, only there hand press.

The takeaway here is the price tag. Hand presses are much less expensive and will not be a huge investment, early on in your business.

Oftentimes, like the electric presses, hand presses also come with starter kits or molds to get you going.

Final Thoughts!

If you’re looking to automate or streamline your bath bomb making, a bath bomb mold press machine may be right for you.

If you have a favorite bath bomb press you’ve used, feel free to share in the comments sections of this blog about your experience.