Easy Craft Ideas For Kids To Make At Home

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Craft Ideas For Kids:

easy crafts for kids

We all want to keep our kids entertained, especially when we’re stuck at home, right? So, if you’re struggling to find inspiration for fun at-home activities, look no further. Our post will cover some easy and engaging craft ideas for kids of all ages.

Crafts are a great way to keep your child happy and stimulated. You’ll also get to spend time with your child in a more interactive way. You could let your kid surf mindlessly through your phone or let them watch tv, but it’s good to get your kids doing offline activities every now and then.

This post will talk easy craft ideas, and which ones may be best for you and your family!

Top Easy Craft Ideas For Kids:

The following craft ideas are easy to make at home, and won’t cost you a lot of money. We’ve compiled creative and colorful crafts that will help brighten up your day and expand your child’s imagination!

1. Finger-Paint (or paint) A Fall Tree

craft ideas for kids

Finger Painting is the perfect indoor craft activity. It requires only a few cheap items and allows you to make fun and creative images. You can create all kinds of paintings with your fingers, paint, and a blank sheet of paper. However, since fall is rolling by, why not make an autumn tree!

Finger painted trees look great on your wall and are easy to make with kids. There is a little bit of a mess involved, but the results are great. To start, you’ll want your child to lay their lower arm and hand in brown paint.

Spread the paint around a little, then have your child put their hand and lower arm down on the paper, make sure their fingers are spread. This will create the trunk and tree branches for the picture. After cleaning up, set up different fall colored paints for trees.

You and your child can dip your fingers in reds, yellows, and oranges then simply press down on the outline of the arm to make tree leaves. Easy Breezy!

2. Make Some Imaginative Dream Catchers

If you don’t want to deal with paint though, there are plenty of other options available for crafts. Dream catchers are another great craft to try out with your kids! All you need is a hoop, some colorful yarn to customize your dream catchers, and a hot glue gun. The glitter and decorative flowers are optional, but are a fun addition.

You’ll want to make sure to get many different colors of yarn. We also recommend getting some ribbons to hang off the hoop of your dream catcher. To make your dream catcher, you’ll need to wrap the yarn around the hoop and then affix it with your glue gun. Afterward, get some more yarn and make a crisscross pattern across the hoops.

To make the dangling part of the dream catcher, pick ribbons and yarn, then tying them onto the bottom of the hoop. Then if you want you can add decorations like flowers, glitter, and even animal-shaped ears!

painting for kids

3. Paint Pet Rocks

Painting pet rocks is one of the easiest crafts you can do with your kids. Again, paint could get messy, but if you set up some newspaper you can avoid any paint stains. Painting rocks is a lot less of a hassle than finger painting can turn out to be and you can purchase kits. You’ll want to buy some brushes and acrylic paints for this project though.

Once you have your painting supplies, begin picking out rocks with your kids outside, or go to the store and purchase smooth rocks. The rocks should be decently sized and big enough to paint small animal faces on.

Put the paint on a paper plate or palate and lay the rocks down to be painted. You can look up designs with your kids and print them out to copy. There are a lot of ways to create pet rocks with paint and tons of super easy, simple designs.

We recommend getting some googly eyes and then painting colors onto your rock. This is a basic and easy design. You can even add yarn to your rock for hair!

4. Make Animals Out Of Paper Plates


Paper plates can not only be used as a painting palate, but can be transformed into animals. With a few different color paints, some scissors, and other decorations you can make animals easily with these simple materials.

This is another cost-effective craft you can do at home with your kids. It requires only a few materials. Just cut out shapes from your paper plates and begin painting on fun designs with your kids. All kinds of animals can be made with paper plates, from llamas to giraffes, to even jellyfish.

Jellyfish made out of paper plates are especially fun and easy to make. Just cut your paper plate in half, paint it, then attach yarn or ribbon on the end to create the tentacles of your jellyfish. You can even hang your creation in your kids room or a playroom in the house to display their creative side!

5. Turn Your Tissue Boxes Into Monsters

If you have empty tissue boxes lying around, this is another great opportunity to make an easy and cost-effective craft with your kids. You’ll need paint, googly eyes, and some piping material to make your monsters. There are a lot of inventive ways to make these monster tissue boxes, so look online for cool designs and ideas!

6. Space Crayons

If you have old crayons lying around and want to create new crayons in cool and fun shapes this next craft is going to be a lot of fun for your kids. Space crayons are fun, sparkly, and a great way to get rid of your kid’s old art supplies.

You’ll need a silicone mold and some glitter, but other than this, it’s pretty easy to make this fun at-home craft! Simply break up your crayons and remove the paper from them. Then set them into the mold and pour some glitter over them. We recommend getting a mold that is shaped like a star to fit with the space theme.

Afterward, put the mold in the oven for five minutes (as long as it is oven-safe of course) at 140 degrees Celsius. Let the mold and melted crayons cool in the fridge. Then they should be good to go and use as crayons!

* Make sure your mold can with-stand the heat from the oven.

7. Fairy Jars

The last easy craft for kids you can make at home is fairy jars. Fairy jars are great for the summertime. These fun customizable jars are simple to make and glow beautifully at night. To make this craft, you’ll need some masons jars, a pack of glow sticks, and some glitter.

We also recommend getting a towel out to put around your crafting area. Just in case you spill your glitter or the glow stick liquid. You don’t want these materials to get everywhere. Once you’ve assembled your materials, pick out which color glitter you want to put in your jar, and which glow-stick you want to use in the jar.

Cut open the bottom of the glow-stick (via Parent). You’re going to want to put that liquid into the jar and then dump in some glitter. You can use as little or as much glitter as you want! After this, close the lid and shake your jar so the glitter and glow stick liquid cover every inch of the jar.

The jars should stay glowing for at least a few hours. They make a great night light for kids and just look nice around your house, short term of course!

Final Thoughts!

Have other fun, easy crafts ideas that kids can do at home, please share via the comments section of our blog! Thanks for stopping by.


Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you use them to purchase items, then we may earn a small commission. Hope you find something that you like!
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