Halloween Crafts For Kids:

Halloween is the perfect time of year to decorate your home and start to get festive for the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays that follow! However, you don’t have to spend tons of money to keep your home looking spooky and prepared for Halloween. In fact, there are tons of decorations and crafts you can make with your family. Here are some Halloween crafts for kids!

Your kids will have a blast making arts and crafts, especially making seasonal crafts. So why not get them involved in some Halloween fun this year. We’ll go over the most popular Halloween crafts for kids that they can do right at home, in this post. These crafts are simple, festive, and look amazing when they are displayed.

Top Halloween Crafts for Kids:

1. Magic Potion Bottles

Potion bottles are an easy and fun DIY craft you can do with your kids during the Halloween season. This is an inexpensive project and best of all only requires a few supplies.

To make these magic bottles, you’ll need to get some glass containers from a local craft store. Ideally, you’ll want something that looks like a potion bottle. Next, you’ll need to get food coloring, glitter, glue, printed out labels, and petals if you want to add something extra to your potions.

The labels and the flowers are optional, but they will make your potions look more exciting and authentic. It’s fairly quick and a simple process to making these, which is what you want, right?

Your kids can make their magic potion bottles within minutes. Just fill the glass up with water, put a little bit of food coloring, and add glitter and your fake flowers or any small objects to spice up their potions.

One final note though, you should make sure to seal the top of the bottles with some glue so they don’t spill and make a mess!

2. Paper Plate Bats

The next craft involves even fewer supplies and will be a hit with your kids for sure. Paper plate bats are simple, but cool looking Halloween decorations. To make these paper plate bats, just gather some black acrylic paint, paper plates, and some glue. You can also get googly eyes to make your plates look more exciting!

Cut out your paper plates to look like bats and make wings out of your plates (video above). Once you glue the pieces together and paint over them, they will look spooky and festive!

3. Lollipop Ghosts

If your kids want a sweet treat that looks spooky and cute, this next craft is the perfect project for your family. Lollipop ghosts are another cheap and easy to assemble Halloween craft. If you want minimal mess with your kids, but still want to celebrate Halloween in a fun way, lollipop ghosts are a great option for your kid’s craft time.

To make these cute treats, you’ll want to have either coffee filters or tissues handy. This will help you make the white body of your ghosts. Next, buy some lollipops. We recommend getting tootsie roll pops or even larger variations of pops. .

You’ll need a black marker to draw on eyes and a mouth for your ghost. Finally, a colored ribbon to tie your creation together. You can use black or other Halloween colors to make your lollipops really “pop”!

All you have to do to craft your candy ghosts is put the tissue over the lollipops. Tie the tissue or coffee filter with your string, then draw on the face of your ghost. This is the ultimate easy Halloween arts and craft project!

4. Mummy Lanterns or Jars

Mummy lanterns involve a little more assembly and effort, but this is one of the most creative and fulfilling crafts you can do with your kids this Halloween! To make these lanterns, you’ll have to gather a few supplies. First, get a glass jar. You’ll want a jar that is large enough to put a candle in and big enough to work as a lantern. A mason jar is best for this type of craft.

Next, get medical gauze rolls. Four-inch rolls usually work pretty well, if you have a smaller jar, you can cut your gauze to match your jar, however. In addition to these items, you’ll need some craft glue or a glue gun. Googly eyes and some black tinted craft paper should also be purchased.

To begin making mummy lanterns with your kids, get your jar out, and clean it. Wipe it down, then apply some glue near the bottom of the jar. Once the glue is down your kids can start wrapping the gauze around the jar. Slowly have them wrap up their mummy.

If the gauze is too big or too wide, you can fold it in half or cut it to fit the measurements your kids need. Make sure every inch of glass is covered up. Place glue on it as you wrap to keep the gauze from coming off later.

Once your kids are done wrapping their lantern, put your googly eyes on. After this, cut out a mouth for the mummy. An oval shape should work just fine. Cut it then glue it on. Your mummy should now be good to go and ready to be lit up. Fake or real candles can be used, but we recommend using LED candles as they are less of a fire hazard!

5. Haunted House

You’ve probably tried your hand at gingerbread houses during Christmas. Gingerbread houses are a classic craft. This is a great way to bond with your family and munch on some sweet treats while you’re at it. For the Halloween season, though, you can make your own haunted house.

There are many ways to go about making a gingerbread haunted house. You can buy a kit from your local grocery store, as this will provide you with pre-made cutouts and decorations. However, if you’re feeling creative and want to experiment in the kitchen, you can make your own gingerbread and cut them yourself.

Your family can use all kinds of ingredients and Halloween candy to build-up your haunted house. We recommend getting some colorful icing, wafer cookies, and candy corn to get started though. Make your house in any style and look you want.

Remember, the important thing with any Halloween craft is to have fun and encourage your kid’s creative side. So don’t worry about making the perfect haunted house if this is your first time doing this type of project!

6. Pumpkin Snow Globes

The final Halloween craft for kids we’ll talk about is pumpkin snow globes! These DIY globes are sparkly, perfectly spooky, and a lot of fun to make. Most people think of snow globes as something to make or use to decorate your home during the winter, with a few modifications, your kids can make some nice pumpkin snow globes that look great in your home. These globes look cool, and will have your kids begging you to make them again next fall.

To make custom pumpkin globes, you can choose from a few different containers at the store. Mason jars, round glass vessels, and even jelly jars can be used. You’ll also need some corn syrup, some orange food coloring, and some sparkles. To customize the lids, your kids will also need some orange paint. Also, get a corkscrew to make the pumpkin stem, and some craft paper to create faces for the pumpkin globe.

Have your kids prepare the corn syrup first by putting in food coloring, they only need a few drops and orange glitter. Fill the jar halfway with the syrup, and then fill the rest with water. Put the lid on and paint it orange. Let it dry then put your cork on top. Your kids can paint the cork green if they want. Finally, make some faces for the pumpkin with the black paper. Glue it on then shake up your Halloween globes!


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