Easy Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids:

Thanksgiving is a time of tradition, gratitude, and family fun. Your kids might not be much help in the kitchen this year, but they can still help make your home feel festive and inviting during the fall season with a few simple at-home crafts. Easy thanksgiving crafts for kids will bring the whole family together.

We have included a wide variety of DIY crafts you can do with your kids during the holidays. So keep reading to find out which projects your family can get started on this season!

Top Easy Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids:

1. Pumpkin Handprint

Our first fall craft is a fun DIY card. You can make pumpkin handprints on card stock or even decorate paper plates. The choice is up to you and your kids. This project is a little on the messy side, but this is a simple Thanksgiving craft for kids of any age!

To complete this craft, you’ll need some colored paper, green and orange paint, and some scissors. Start by cutting out the pumpkin shapes. Cut out the orange paper first then the white. After this, glue the white pumpkin over the orange paper. Your kids will put their handprints over this. Do the same thing for the stem, but use green paper.

After this, fold up craft paper for the card. Have your kids glue down the pumpkin and stem. Next, get out the paint and put it on a paper plate. Your kids can place their hand in the orange paint and put it on top of the body of the pumpkin. Then, have them dip one finger in the green paint and put it over the stem. With this, your pumpkin handprints are complete!

2. Fall Bookmark

Fall is the perfect time to cozy up and read some stories to your kids. Not all children like reading, or even listening to books, but you can try and encourage them to read with this next craft. Fall bookmarks are perfectly festive and easy to craft for kids. Just get some felt, in a color your kids likes, a popsicle stick, and a glue gun.

You can cut your bookmarks in all kinds of fun shapes, but we recommend going with a leaf for the season. Have your kids cut their felt into a leaf. Then glue the leaves, or other fall shapes, down on the popsicle sticks. Once this step is complete you can put these bookmarks in your kid’s books!

3. Paper Plate Leaf Crafts

The next craft is another leaf-shaped decoration for your kids to make. Paper plate leaf crafts are inexpensive and easy to assemble. In addition, you won’t need any paint to make this project pop. Instead, you will be using colored tissue paper, glue, and craft paper to assemble these leaves with your kids.

To start with this easy thanksgiving craft, have your kids cut their paper plates into leaf shapes. Then, get the craft paper out as well and cut out stems for the leaves. Once everything is glued and dried, start picking out tissue paper colors. We recommend using a mix of oranges, reds, yellows, and browns to mimic the fall leaves. 

Cut up the tissue paper and then glue it down. Then, use a little more of your brown craft paper to make lines for the leaves.

4. Pine Cone Turkey

If your kids like artsy fall crafts, they’re going to love making these colorful pine-cone turkeys! This Thanksgiving craft for kids is another easy, yet fun way for children to flex their creativity. To make these, you’ll need some pine cones, colored leaves, pom-poms or felt, googly eyes, twine, a glue gun, and scissors.

Gather your pine cones first, then start assembling the turkey. We recommend making the tail of the turkey first. You’ll need to cut and glue your leaves on the bottom of the pine-cone in a fun color pattern like in the video.

Next, put a single brown pom-pom or felt on the front of the pine cone. This will be the face of the turkey. Then, put the googly eyes on the cone. You can put a small piece of ribbon on the face to make a beak as well or felt and the same for the red neck portion of the turkey.

5. Turkey Crown

This next craft is one of the easiest Thanksgiving crafts you can make with kids. All you need is a printer, a pair of scissors, and a glue gun to make these stylish turkey crowns. It can be fun to craft your own turkey crowns with hand-drawn shapes and paint. However, if you want to skip the clean up this year, try out these printable turkey crowns.

You can find a template for a turkey crown with a quick google search. Just pick out a crown with your kids, then print them out. After this, the paper can be cut and assembled into a crown.

6. Bubble Wrap Corn

Bubble wrap corn is an inventive way to add some color to your home. Your kids will really love making this thanksgiving craft. So, you’ll need some bubble wrap, acrylic paint, brushes, a palette, twine, and some paper.

To make your bubble wrap into a corn shape, you can print out an outline of corn. Furthermore, this will allow your kids to trace over the shape on their bubble wrap and cut out the perfect corn shape. Alternatively, your kids can use markers to make their own corn and cut out the bubble wrap this way.

Make a choice about how your kids will craft the bubble wrap into a cob shape, then start getting the paint out. We recommend using red, yellow, and brown for this project. Then, paint all three colors over the bubble wrap. Mix them in a little, as well, then let the bubble wrap corn dry.

Finally, cut out a small hole at the top of the cob and wrap some twine into it. This way you can hang these thanksgiving crafts around the house.

7. Pumpkin Mason Jars

Finally, the last Thanksgiving craft for kids we will talk about is pumpkin mason jars. These jars are not difficult to make and have a simple, but elegant visual. They work as great decorations for your house. To make these pumpkin jars with your kids, you’ll need a glass mason jar, some brown spray paint, orange or yellow acrylic paint, fall-colored craft paper, glue, and some wooden pegs.

Firstly, use the spray paint, this will go on the lids, then let your kids paint the jars orange or yellow. They can also mix these colors. Let the jars dry and make some leaves out of the craft paper. You can also have your kids curl a thin strip of craft paper to make a curly green stem for the pumpkin. Glue these to the wooden peg, then glue the peg to the top of the jar. Now you have a great centerpiece for your kitchen table!


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