Easily Reduce Stress the Old Fashion Way – Part I: Reduce Stress Through Organization!

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How Organization Can Reduce Stress:

In Part 1 of this organizational series, we’re going to discuss how organization can reduce stress in your own life.

how organization can reduce stress

But first,

A Quick Blurb About Stress:

Stress tends to hit us all at some point in our daily lives. Sometimes, we are aware of what causes us stress, and sometimes things happen in life, unexpectedly.

Oftentimes, it’s how we deal with and cope with that stress that determines, how we react to the next “round”.

Common points of empathizes when it comes to stress are:

  • School
  • Work
  • Relationships, and
  • trauma

Moreover, just reading those 4 bullet points, it’s easy to suggest that stress is all around us.

With that said, stress isn’t all bad, right? Stress is sometimes what helps us reach a work deadline, stress is sometimes what helps us cram and pass a tough test.

However, the inability to deal and cope with chronic stressors in our lives, can become a real problem.

stress and organization

Furthermore, as individuals, if we can find natural ways of decreasing that stress around us, won’t our lives be better for it!

Hence, we discuss the concept of being a more organized person.

The Secret Weapon To Combat Stress: Organization!

This option in the long run will pay dividends, but also takes some work at first.

In addition, If you’re someone that’s never been very organized, you may have to initially work on your mindset.

Being organized, can become quite a skill, and a useful one to have at that. The more creative you are, the more fun you can have with it.

With that said, when unorganized, or excessive clutter builds around the house, life becomes fragmented.

What does this mean?

Life becomes all about the next task. Thus, feeling like we’re living to do one task, and then the next. Consequently, not taking the time to enjoy life, our kids, our family and friends.

the answer to stress is being organized

Sometimes it starts with being real with yourself. Are you taking on to many tasks? Simulatensouly, have you fallen behind?

Additionally, do you have trouble staying organized because of X, Y, and Z? Surely, a trend is beginning!

Above all, we hope what follows can help you in your endeavors to be a more efficient person with a better mindset.

Organization of Space Vs. Time

What in the world are we talking about?

a. Simple, the first concept has to do with how organized a particular “space” is. For example:

  • Your home
  • Your office
  • or your car

Any space that you spend time in, or area in which may store belongings or important items, should have some organization to it.

When you’re organized with your space, you become more productive in your daily life.

As the Jed Foundation states, “you can operate more effectively and free up time for self-care and routines”. Such as, sleep and exercise, which are both vital to sustained health.

Think about how many times you’ve had to de-clutter an entire file cabinet, sort through old bills, find a car registration, just to find whatever it is you are looking for.

This seemingly small task, becomes cumbersome and stressful. However, it’s also easy to cut this type of acute stressful scenario out of your life.

b. The second concept has to do with organizing your “time”. Otherwise known as time management.

Always in a rush? Can never get your to-do list completed?

This has to do with poorly organized time, or time management. Good time management means doing more in a shorter period of time. Consequently, leading to:

  • less stress
  • more time to yourself
  • more opportunities in personal and professional life
  • better ability to achieve goals

Oftentimes, organization equates to having more control over your situation, and life in general.

HuffPost discusses that besides improving work performance and eliminating mess, being a more organized person can have a positive effect on mood.

For example, aiding in feeling less frustrated, more relaxed, and helping you get in-touch with a more creative side.

Tips For Tackling, Organization of “Space”:

At any rate, it’s important to start somewhere, and that’s where the tips that follow, come in to play.

reduce stress organization of space - closet items

Namely, tips for tackling both organization of space and time concepts.


  1. Large Space Projects: Start small. Break the task into smaller parts.
  2. Old school: Cheap file cabinet works wonders!
  3. New School: Flash drive + Scanner: Keep your files stored on a flash drive!
  4. Help! (is someone in your family great at paperwork, administration work, or organizational tactics?)
  5. Sort: Mark items “stay” or “go”
  6. Label: Use a label maker. This is fun and keep things clean looking!
  7. Color-code: Use colors. This is not just for clothing!
  8. Custom Solutions: Their are tons of creative ways to space-save and store. Check out YouTube or ETSY for custom ideas, or custom storage pieces!

Tips For Tackling, Organization of “Time”:


  1. Schedule: This is vital for organizing your time. You can’t remember everything. Write it down!
  2. No: Learn how to say no! You’re not Superman or Superwomen.
  3. Limitation: Have a limit on the amount of time you’ll spend on a given task.
  4. You’re Not Perfect: Learn, when needed, how to reschedule. Things happen, and sometimes you need to not stress about it.
  5. Get Up: Set the alarm 10 minutes earlier then usual. Next, prioritize a list of things you need to get done today.
  6. Start Simple: For example, clear out your 2,000 emails today.

weekly planner to help organize your time

Being Organized For Your Health

Studies have been completed linking organization to eating better. In truth, many of us can relate, right?

For instance, you’re having a stressful day, spending the morning locating a specific document. The morning has flown by, and now you think you’ve lost something important.

Are you more apt to say to yourself, “okay slow down, make a healthy lunch and think about the last place you had it” or to indulge in fast food to save time.

Even though this is one situation, if you live daily as un-organized, this situation happens more then you think.

Likewise, Shape.com discusses, organization can even lead to sticking to an exercise routine, having healthier relationships, and better sleep.

Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, being an organized person matters! As a result of organization, we as individuals can lead a happier, healthier, and more productive life.

We hope some of the tips will hit home for you. At least, giving you a starting point on how to improve on some of your organizational skills.


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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you use them to purchase items, then we may earn a small commission. Hope you find something that you like!
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