“Spice It Up”: Easy To Perform, Hot Yoga For Couples!

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Hot Yoga For Couples:

Yoga has undoubtably went through some evolution over it’s years of exitance. With a history dating back 5,000 years, that’s not surprising. Now, this post is not to debate whether such evolution is paying ohmage to the ancient tradition of yoga. However, it is to discuss how yoga has been “tweaked” in a way to suit many peoples needs. Not only can you experience benefits of yoga individually, but another trend is performing yoga for couples. Today, we discuss hot yoga for couples.

As a rule, positions are chosen that can be performed in a complementary way between the two. Oftentimes, with the partners themselves arranged facing one another.

hot yoga for couples

On a physical level, regulation of breathing is of necessity. Consequently, helping achieve a level of synchrony. Movements or asana’s are often contemporary and complementary as possible. Thus, paying attention to the control of the musculature between the individuals.

However, on the psychological front, the discipline aims to broaden self-awareness, one’s role within the relationship, as well as the needs and requirements of the partner. Couples yoga, consequently, helps to hear the words of one’s self, to connect with the soul of the partner, to get rid of the barriers that weigh down the relationship, in order to establish a deeper feeling or connection with one another.

Some couples part-take in hot couples yoga, as a way to strengthen the emotional bond, and to improve the physical union.

Could yoga have a positive effect on sex-life?

Did you know that high levels of stress, can have an impact on arousal. One study concluded that high levels of chronic stress were related to lowers levels of genital arousal, in women. Well, it just so happens one of the basic foundational impacts of consistent practice of yoga, is on stress levels. Increasing endorphin release (“feel-good” hormones) while decreasing cortisol (stress hormones).

Another study conducted on yoga (not specific to hot yoga), suggests yoga “appears to be an effective method of improving all domains for sexual functions in women”.

A key foundational skill that yoga can teach individuals is how to better listen to your body, while also having better control of your mind/thoughts. Coming together in way that may help communication in a relationship become more fluent and natural. Consequently, having a better ability to please one another.

Potential Benefits of Hot Yoga For Couples:

Yoga is an ancient practice. However, in the case of hot yoga for couples, can be utilized as an activity. Studies have found that those participating in novel and arousing activities, tend to experience an increase in relationship quality.

hot couples yoga benefits

If you’re spiritual, yoga can be a way to link your ideas of romance with your spiritual values. Thus, potentially leading to a better relationship.

It’s kind of like a non-verbal therapy. Not only bettering your individual awareness of the self, but of your partner. Ever heard of ‘Mindful Yoga’? This can be better explained by understanding a term called ‘mindfulness’. “Mindfulness is knowing what your are experiencing while your are experiencing it. Moment-to-moment awareness“. Furthermore, explained as a way to become more connected to the self. One particular study has even linked this concept to happier relationships.

In hot couples yoga, the goal is to become more connected. The goal is to better unionize to one another through breathing, postures, and movements of the body. It’s through these connections that help create and increase intimacy, and a deeper understanding of one another. Yoga seems to be another intervention that can be utilized to help strengthen a relationship emotionally, physically and spiritually. Thus, building a connection, level of trust and ultimately improving sex health.

Hot Yoga For Couples – Asana’s To Try:

In addition to all of the beforementioned benefits of yoga for couple’s, endurance and flexibility is another foundational impact. Thus, allowing for longer lasting intimacy, and better maneuverability.

The positions that follow are simple to comprehend, but can challenge a novice yogi on execution. Moreover, they allow room for growth over a period of time. Like other styles of yoga, hot yoga for couples, should be a consistent routine to achieve best result.

Hot Twist:

In couple yoga, this position is very useful for restoring balance and favoring the right “interlocking” of emotions.


  • Position yourself back to back with your legs crossed. Remember to keep your pelvis firmly rooted to the floor and in contact with that of your partner.
  • Both of you rotate your torso to the right, placing the back of your right hand on your left knee.
  • Keeping your shoulders well in contact with your partner’s, hook your partner’s knee with your left hand.
  • Hold the position for a few minutes and repeat in the opposite direction.

hot couples yoga spinal twist

Hot Couples Child’s Pose:


  • Get into a sitting position of comfort not distracted by pain in your knees or other joints.
  • Tops of the feet should touch the mat and be behind your buttock. Basically your are kneeling at this point.
  • Inhale and bring your tailbone back (your back is straight and leaning forward). Exhale rounding the lumbar vertebrae, squeeze the chin towards the breastbone and bring the coccyx forward. Forehead to the mat.
  • While one partner is in Childs pose, the other will lye supine on “partners” back, feet toward the bottom of the mat, opening the chest and relaxing arms to the side.
  • Remain well rooted to the ground and synchronize your breathing.

Hot Couples Standing Forward Bend:

Uttanasana, the standing forward bend is an easy pose performed in two. These movements will also help regain stability and safety in one another.

  • Stand up, back to back.
  • Your buttocks should fit snugly against your partner’s.
  • After raising your arms to the sky, taking care to keep your shoulders low and relaxed, exhale.
  • By contracting the abdomen, hinge at the hips, bringing your hands to the floor. Maintain the position for a few moments.
  • Then with your hands, attempt try to grab the shoulders of your partner.

Final Thoughts!

Well there you have it. A great way to spice things up, try hot yoga for couples. A way to begin to deepen the connection between two, or to rekindle a lost or weaken connection. Be patient. Practice safely & within your abilities. Most importantly, have fun!


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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you use them to purchase items, then we may earn a small commission. Hope you find something that you like!
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