What To Except At Your First Core Power Yoga Class? Insider Edition!

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Core Power Yoga Class: What Is Core Power Yoga?

Core Power Yoga is a hybrid, encompassing a few styles of yoga. A Core Power yoga class allows you to bridge the gap between individual workouts and high-intensity workouts in fitness groups. This workout, can also integrate different cardio styles, strength training, and yoga, all in one session.

core power yoga class

Core Power Yoga class combines different styles into one class. Classes focus on body transformation, sculpting, and offers intense, Vinyasa flow strength-enhancing classes set to music, that will make you work!

With this approach, a beginner or advanced yogi experiences the positive effects of both an intense fitness routine and yoga. The approach not only enhances physiological benefits, but psychological ones as well.

Core Power yoga is truly a full-body workout, helping to improve your stretch, increase strength, balance and flexibility. This style can push your physical limits and challenge you at your “core”.

Core Power yoga has the potential to offer an intense body workout, while at the same time strengthening your mind. Yoga’s roots encompass mental health and clarity including; improving concentration, focus, and the ability to calm the mind.

Core Power Yoga Class Reviews:

Oftentimes, novice practitioners begin with a Core Power yoga class level 1 (C1). However, if you’re an advanced practitioner or an avid gym goer, don’t be afraid to jump into Core Power yoga class level 2 (C2).

New to yoga? Here are some easy to perform asanas for beginners, just to get your feet wet with the practice.

core power yoga prepare

Within these classes, there is also an element of heat added. C1 classes do not heat up. This class is intended as an introduction. However, don’t be fooled, expect a challenge even from a Level 1 class.

The yoga poses are interconnected with synchronized breathing. The body warms-up as well as your focused intensity, throughout the session. The elevated flow and sequences of Core Power yoga certainly adds a modern twist unto the practice. Thus, being inviting to many different generations of fitness enthusiast.

Above all, may be the climate or atmosphere in it’s ability to attract such a diverse group. Oftentimes, the studio’s offer a very clean, bright, inviting, and lively presence. You can check out a Core Power Studio near you by clicking here.

Advice | Additional CorePower Yoga Knowledge:

At the Core Power yoga 2 class the room tends to heat up. Oftentimes, instructors begin using Sanskrit names for poses. Furthermore, except poses and sequences such as Sun Salutations leading to standing poses, testing our balance as well as inversions.

Regardless which class you attend, remember;

  • Stay hydrated before, during and after a sessions
  • Where comfortable clothing, easy to move in.
  • Brings a towel and maybe even an extra one at that.
  • Take care to address your yoga mat if it were to get sweaty
  • Get to the class a few minutes early to get settled.

core power yoga group


Core Power yoga, in some ways can be similar to Power Yoga, even offering classes utilizing weights. Weights can supplement difficult cardio routines or be used as a primary tool within the class. Above all, before entering said class, know your body and it’s limitations. Easing into these classes is your safest bet. Oftentimes, this can depend on your day-today comfort level. Those with acute or chronic nagging injuries should consult a professional.

 Due to the upbeat tempo, expect some music, more closely resembling modern bootcamp classes, or cardio classes. The addition of music can certainly be advantages to putting the practitioner in the right mood. The aim of these workouts is to be able to start and end strong, both body and mind.

Finally, the end of a class. At the end, many instructors instill a meditation session or some sort of wind-down!

Core Power Yoga Class Benefits:

Certainly, we’ve given a small sample size glimpse into what you can expect from Core Power yoga. Indeed, you’ll never leave a class bored. Keep in mind different studios and instructors may alternate there routine. For example, from sequences, flow of the class, even number of individuals within a class.

CorePower yoga is a great way to change-up your normal fitness routine. Are you someone tired of running on a treadmill? Do you need a break from your spin class? Have your tried slower paced yoga styles, that just didn’t suit your end goals?

This is what CorePower yoga can do for you!

Tone Your Muscles!

Over time (depending on your career), can lead to posture issues, potentially a degree of rigidity within your muscles. Endless paperwork, meetings, always on the computer, can have an effect on your body in the long term.

With CorePower yoga you can get the benefits of cardio, but other physiological benefits of yoga as well. In fact, studies like this one, concluded that yoga can even help persevere muscle mass in older women. The continuous movements and poses allow you to stretch, elongate, and strengthen the muscles.

Increase Endurance:

Long-term and consistent attendance of Core Power yoga classes increases endurance. Just like with regular fitness and exercise, Core Power yoga is no different in that aspect. When coupled with appropriate diet, it can help you burn calories, build lean muscle, and may even increase your cardiovascular health. 

core power yoga heart

In fact, according to Hugh Calkins, M.D., director of Cardiac Arrhythmia Service at Johns Hopkins, there are many studies connecting yoga to improved cardiovascular health.

Dr. Helen Glassberg, M.D. from the Penn Heart & Vascular Center, also states that like other forms of exercise, yoga can improve cholesterol, blood pressure, and sugar levels. 

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Yoga in any from has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety, that’s for sure. During practice, we gradually increase our ability to concentrate and focus, which helps us avoid secondary thoughts, and repetitive distractions, which can cause higher levels of stress. The breathing practices that are associated with yoga in general, can also be used within Core Power yoga routines. 

These same deep breathing efforts on a deeper level, can help offset stress that accumulates on a everyday basis. 

It’s Perfect, Even for Beginners!

core power yoga for beginners

 Since Core Power yoga classes can be diverse, it is easy to find courses tailored for beginners (such as Core Power Yoga class level 1). These classes can offer an equally healthy challenge, without shattering your confidence if you’re new to the practice.  

Even advanced athletes can benefit from regularly doing yoga. One study from the International Journal of Yoga in 2016 looked at regular yoga and it’s effect on flexibility and balance on male college athletes. Concluding that, in fact, regular yoga can improve flexibility, balance as well as whole body measures, leading to the potential for enhanced performance with such activities. 

Final Thoughts!

Core Power yoga can be a great addition or change-up to any routine. Perfect for beginners and advanced yogis.


Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you use them to purchase items, then we may earn a small commission. Hope you find something that you like!
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