Calling All Yogi’s: It’s Here! A Game Of Yoga!

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A Game OF Yoga?

It’s hard to talk about yoga as a trend. Many years ago, this may have been true. However, yoga has grown exponentially. To us, no longer considered merely, “a trend” at all. Many individuals are now emersed within the practice. It’s popularity continues to grow. Why has it grown and sustained relevancy, one may ask? Most likely, even at it’s core, yoga helps the body heal, both mentally and physically. This, coupled with the evolution of different styles, has lended itself to helping the vast, many dealing with a wide array of ailments. Today we’re going to change things up a bit. Today we talk about “a game of yoga”.

a game of yoga

Truly, one quick search on Google, will lead you to yoga studios all around your area. Even finding specialized courses or venues has become quite simple. However, the beauty of yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere, even at home. To see results, it’s important to become consistent with the practice. Going to a studio daily or weekly can sometimes be a grind. Even practicing at home, (like many other fitness regimens) can become stagnant. So, why not make things a little more interesting from time to time. Have you ever heard of Dice Yoga?

Dice Yoga:

Before we get into the game, it’s helpful to have a general idea of yoga and it’s most basic poses. Playing yoga with dice allows one to explore yoga in a fun, relaxed and creative way. Although yoga is a practice with heavy benefits of stress relief, it can itself be nerve-racking in the beginning. Oftentimes, practicing or learning yoga the traditional way, consists of going to a studio. Furthermore, following an instructor and being in a class with many others. For some, this in it of itself is stressful. Making a game out of it at home, may just work for you, and your friends!

A dice yoga set usually includes 7 6-sided wooden dice. You’ll find silhouettes on the dice, showing the yoga poses. The use of the dice is intuitive. The dice set changes the way yoga is practiced to some extent. There is an added level of unpredictability. In fact, you could role for the same pose that you previously completed. If you’ve researched specific practices, you’ll know that some styles are very repetitive in nature. Thus, following a specific sequence. This is not that way!

This random nature, adds another fun twist to the practice.

How To Play? 

There are a few options for dice. Either you can buy a set, or associate poses to specific numbers on a “regular” set of dice. Creativity can be increased by using multiple dice. If you’ve just started to come into the practice, starting with 1 dice, 6 total poses, may be appropriate. Consequently, progressing to using 2, 3, 4, or more dice in the future.

Add more dice, as you practice with more friends or family members. Furthermore, creating a competition to see who can do the asana’s correctly. Remember that if your choose to buy a set of dice, those asanas will be consistent. Alternatively, you could roll multiple dice and have the option to pick which pose you want to perform. For the little ones, this could even be a fun game for teachers to use at school, adding much needed physical and mental exercises into the day!

Yoga, A Versatile Practice!

Yoga is versatile. In fact, we believe it’s one of the most versatile regimens for both physical and mental health. Slower paced classes with simple asanas (like beginner Hatha yoga), demanding sequences of Ashtanga, to faster paced classes with more aerobic benefits, like Vinyasa Flow, yoga is for anyone. Yoga even has classes for those that wish to take to “the air” in Aerial Yoga.

It’s not just about the physical workout itself. Yoga is about finding yourself, understanding yourself on a deeper level. It’s about balancing the body and mind or rebalancing through the use of breath. In addition, it’s about creating energy within. Connecting the mind with the body in a sort of “union”. In fact, yoga in Sanskrit, means just that, “union”.

The use of such a game can further heighten your creativity, and your confidence, in a fun, entertaining way. Factually, we all get down from time to time, life is hard. Oftentimes, making it hard to get dressed and drive to the gym or a studio. Simulatensouly, it can be hard to even get motivated to perform a workout at home or go for a run. It never hurts to get creative with your workout(s). To include people whom you feel comfortable around.

Developing and nurturing your free time is important not only for those who dedicate themselves professionally, but personally, to an artistic discipline. Accompanying yoga with meditation can also prove beneficial. Meditation pushes the mind to focus on the present moment, on body sensations, on the flow of thoughts. The more you listen to the signals of the body, the more you enter your inner dimension. By becoming aware of the deep self, the mind and body relax, while remaining “watchful and alert”. It is in this state of “active relaxation” that creative energies can be awakened.

Final Thoughts On “A Game Of Yoga”!

Whether it’s a game of yoga, or at a studio, we hope you embark on this journey with us. As always, respect your body, and understand it’s limitation. Oftentimes, this is what can guide your initial investment into the practice. Furthermore, helping you progress in a safe and effective way!


Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you use them to purchase items, then we may earn a small commission. Hope you find something that you like!
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