Bath Bombs For Men:

Certain skin care products that claim, or are geared more towards men, oftentimes still contain harsh added chemicals. So how do men enjoy the same skin-safe relaxing moments, while stilling feeling tough and mighty, haha? It’s easy, all-natural bath bombs, that are also tailored more toward a guy’s guy. Here is to you hard working men, we present, bath bombs for men.


The Makings Of A Good “Manly” Bath Bomb!

One of the first features of a bath bomb that oftentimes appeals more to men then women, is there designs. For instance, one quick search on ETSY and you’ll find bath bombs that are (in some peoples eyes) geared somewhat more towards men.



A couple examples of these would be the “Man Bomb Bath Bomb” that is in the shape of a grenade. The “James Bomb 007” man’s bath bomb, or the “Black Stache Sandalwood” bath bomb.

Now, we are not saying women cannot enjoy these same bath bombs. However, small business’s have tried to sell to men with these designs to prove that they to, can have a relaxing experience with bath bombs.

If you look, these all have great reviews on ETSY as well.



Secondly, what makes a great bath bomb for men, (or a more manly bath bomb), is the scent. Many scents on the market, whether they are scents within lotions, candles, or car scents are “geared” more towards a guy. Truly, we don’t know the science behind why men are drawn toward certain fragrances, they just are.

Again, that is not to say women don’t also enjoy some of these aroma’s, but they seem to appeal to men most often. Scents such as sandalwood, cedar, or citrus, men are drawn toward. The earthly or woodsy scents, oftentimes, appeal more to men, then floral or sweet smelling aromas.

Even according to Monq, a website focusing on aromatherapy, popular oils for men include sandalwood, basil, bergamot, cedarwood, cinnamon and black pepper. The article exclaims, these oils all have “commonalities, there’re refreshing, stimulating and earthy”.

One of the great things about these scents is that many of them are offered as essential oils, which are said to have more health benefits then that of regular fragrances you can purchase. Keep in mind in order to potentially experience some those therapeutic benefits of essential oils, they must be pure essential oils.


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Thirdly, is color. Like the aroma’s and design, these colors may also appeal to women, but the selling point of certain colors are advertised or “geared” that more men will be aped to purchase specific ones due to coloration.

Most bath bombs advertised “for men” are darker, deeper colors. Oftentimes, you’ll see charcoals, black(s), deep green(s) or blue(s).

Bath bombs can be for anyone and everyone, regardless of the color, shape, size or aroma. Truly, it’s based on personal preference. There’re tons of options to choose from. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times, buy from reputable companies. One’s that are transparent with there ingredients and usage rates.

More ingredients does not always equal a better bath bomb or quality.


Final thoughts!

We hope for you men, that you to are able to relax and enjoy the experiences of bath products. Stress is something we all need less of, so anyway you achieve that, is a positive in your favor.

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