Easy Painting Ideas for Kids: Entertainment For Hours!

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Easy Painting Ideas For Kids:

So you’re looking for easy painting ideas for kids?

Introducing your kids to a hobby can be an overwhelming task. However, can also be something that leads to a sustained interest, both short or long term. Sometimes, children have a hard time getting started with new activities. It’s important to ease them into a new activity to gage if it’s of interest to them. Oftentimes, it’s helpful to have them participate in a group setting, with family or friends.

Easy Painting Ideas for kids

A simple activity you can introduce your kids to is painting. At an early age, kids just seem to gravitate towards painting. It’s quite possible because of the bright vibrant colors. However, may also be the pure mess that they can create, and get away with, right ; )!

Furthermore, encouraging them to paint, is a great way to unlock their creativity and imagination. If you’re thinking about introducing your kids to painting, you’re at the right place.

In this article, we’ll explore easy painting ideas for kids.

Easy Painting Ideas For Kids Video

What They’ll Need:

a. Paint: You can find a wide variety of paint in local shops and online stores.

b. Kid’s Paint Brushes: Choose paint brushes with a sturdy handle to ensure it lasts long without breaking. There are many different brush styles for kids to choose from.

painting supplies for kids

c. Canvas: If you choose acrylic paint, stretched canvas works best for acrylic painting.

d. Paint Containers

Tips for Teaching Children Painting

#1: Pick subjects your child will enjoy

Kids love to get involved in activities they enjoy. Above all, select fun, meaningful subjects, so that your kid can develop a positive attitude towards painting. Some of the subjects that kids find interesting include watercolor special effects, painted rocks, kids’ art coasters, and garden wind chimes.

#2. Use smaller canvas to save supplies and time

A typical canvas size for painting measures 12″ by 19″. For children, try experimenting with smaller canvas sizes. Particularly, a size around 6″ by 9″. Using smaller canvas saves you time and money, while allowing your child to complete painting in much less time. There is also less space to work with, potentially being less overwhelming to a new painter.

#3. Create outlines to make everything easier

When your child is starting out, it would be a good idea to create simple outlines for them. With an outline, they may find it easier to follow, completing a wider range of paintings, with ease.

These easy painting ideas for kids will surely help your child. Furthermore, you should join along with them. Having you beside them will be encouraging and helpful as they are just getting stated.

Allow there creativity to shine. Give them simple instructions, but really allow them to be the imaginative one.

Painting Activities to Consider:

Let’s continue on our new adventure of easy painting ideas for kids. What follows are some fun, yet simple ways to get your child started off on the right foot. Instead of placing a plain piece of white paper in front of them, give these ideas a try.

I. Bubble wrap painting

Kids love to paint interesting patterns of bubble wrap. You can try various themes to make the whole experience exciting for your kid. Do a quick search on YouTube on this technique. It’s super easy and most importantly, fun!

II. Paint me

Paint me books are another creative option. Within these books they’ll find portraits of birds, animals, plants, and other cute illustrations. Paint me books have become quite a popular choice. They can also be very helpful when children are just starting out with painting.

III. Large outdoor canvas

Besides these first two ideas, try attaching a large canvas on a wall or a flat surface for your kids to paint on. Specifically, try doing this outdoors, which can always get the creative juices flowing more easily.



IV. Marble painting

Let your kids roll marbles through paint to create fun masterpieces as they get accustomed to the art of painting. Warning! This can get a little messy. By all means, take this project outside as well!

How Painting Can Benefit Your Kids?

More then just the creative side of things, painting may benefit your child in more ways then one.

I. Patience Is A Virtue:

Patience is a virtue any parent would want to instill in their kids, especially in today’s hectic life. Could painting or crafts in general, be a way to instill some patience?

Maybe so. You may even find as they get more in tune with their skills, the journey to the end product becomes slower and more fine tuned. Furthermore, they want to create the prefect masterpiece for their friends and family to see.

Oftentimes, a child may make a mistake and have to start over, and that’s okay. Therefore, painting is a practical way to foster patience and perseverance in kids. This makes the end result even more satisfying.

II. Low Cost:

Unlike hobbies like yacht racing, scuba diving, and traveling, painting doesn’t require much to get started. You simply need a paint brush, paint colors, and a canvas. Moreover, just a few materials, and your kid is good to go.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on pastimes that come with a high price tag. Just get some painting supplies and let your kids go to town. You can be sure that your kids will love the hobby while also allowing you to save money.

III. Boosts Imagination:

IV. Express Creativity:

It can unlock their creative skills, expand their thinking, and foster problem-solving skills in them.

V. Freedom to Think Widely/Embrace Different Possibilities.

Through painting, they can achieve personal development, and develop skills that can prove helpful in different areas of life.

VI. Improve Kids Memory

Introducing your kids to painting when they’re young, helps to strengthen their memory through conceptual visualization and implementation. 

Generally, painting for kids is a creative outlet that allows them to exercise the parts of the brain responsible for memory. Moreover, painting helps to improve kids’ sense of self-worth and convey their personality with confidence.

VII. Fosters Emotional Well-being

Painting allows children to release their emotions through artwork and helps them to understand their own emotional state. Painting can trigger feelings of happiness when artwork comes out as desired and at the same time, it can cause feelings of sadness when a piece of painting goes awry. The whole experience enables kids to develop emotional intelligence from a young age.

Final Thoughts!

Thanks for stopping by and reading our post on “Easy Painting Ideas For Kids”! Hopefully you’ll have some ideas to offer when the time comes to explore this fun and time-passing craft. 

Thanks for stopping by, we hope to have you again soon.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you use them to purchase items, then we may earn a small commission. Hope you find something that you like!
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