How To Organize Your Kitchen Drawers:

how to organize your kitchen drawers

With the shear amount of time families spend in there kitchen, it’s imperative to maintain some sort of organization, function and flow. Each part of the kitchen serves a role to bettering that flow. In this post we discuss, how to organize your kitchen drawers.

Out Of Hand

An easy way to reduce anxiety when it comes to having a clean and organized kitchen is by putting thought behind how to best utilize storage spaces.

Kitchen drawers are an area of storage that can get away from us rather quickly. Oftentimes, becoming a catch-all for whatever “extra” things have lying around.

Sometimes, this is okay. Heck, we’re not saying a junk drawer is all bad. However, there are ways to reduce clutter and avoid catch-all drawers. At the same time, keeping them fresh and trendy.

kitchen island with drawers

If you read our post on how to organize your kitchen cabinets and pantry, you’re aware there are both tricks, and basic thought processes to generating an organized, cohesive look and feel.

 So in this post, we are going to discuss how to organize your kitchen drawers and share some cool gadgets that may add value to your space!

Tips, Plus Gadget Ideas!

#1: Large Drawers:

Let’s talk large drawers. Large or deep drawers are wonderful due to the amount of storage that can take place inside.

There are many design ideas and gadgets, as well, that you can experiment with. For instance, one of the simpler ideas to experiment with is drawer dividers.

Specifically, dividers that can separate things like cutlery, silverware, utensils, measuring cups and so on. Furthermore, there are multi-level dividers, even drawer dividers with covers, that range in all shapes and sizes.

large drawer with organizer or divider

Above all, you should be thinking in the back of your mind, what makes this kitchen work for our family. Utilize the space in a way that best works for you.

For instance:

  • commonly used items
  • locations of appliances vs. location of specific cookware tools
  • placing similar items together
  • gadgets that keep with the look and feel of the kitchen design

Check out this video tutorial, as she provides interesting ways of organizing different kinds of drawers; deep, shallow, wide and narrow.

Kitchen Drawer Organization Ideas

#2 Always Better ‘Out of Sight’:

Always best to keep that trashcan tucked away. This idea has been around for years. However, it still holds true today, and that is tucking away bulky items, specially your trash, right?

This makes the kitchen appear cleaner, and more seamless.

There are tons of different types of pull out drawers/cabinets nowadays to house your trashcan.

#3 For the Tech Guy/Gail:

Who has a cell phone? iPad? laptop? Alexa?

Raise your hand!

With that said, you’re sure to have a charger or two, or three, lying around. Surely, we are not alone in saying, these cords can be an unsightly mess at times, right!?

However, in todays high-tech gadget trending world, enter… The Charging Drawer Station!

Kitchen Charging Drawer Station

Although you may need someone a little handy, once you invest, it will be a game changer.

In addition to being able to charge multiple devices at once, a compact drawer with charging USB ports or outlets, helps to declutter your countertops.

Indeed, kitchen drawers just got a whole lot cooler!

#4 Plate/Tupperware/Lid Drawer Organizer:

Tired of the clutter brought to you by Tupperware lids, and containers. Consequently, rummaging through the cabinet or drawers to find a matching set can be cumbersome.

This next idea is one that allows you to store plates, lids, even Tupperware, in an orderly way.

kitchen drawer organizer for plates and Tupperware

We find Tupperware to be one of the most difficult things to keep organized in any kitchen. Having said that, have no fear, like many problems, there is usually a crafty or gadgetry solution.

Here are a couple variations of products to do the job. One of our personal favorites is Rev-A-Shelf food Storage Organizer.

Furthermore, you can check out some of there other drawer accessory options, here! (not an affiliate link)

Kitchen Drawer Hack

#5 “Spice up” your Life:

Surely you’ve heard of, or even owned a “lazy susan” type spice rack. Specifically, the kind that sit on your counter tip, further adding to the clutter.

…….Enter the spice organizer drawer.

Not only can you find these for a very reasonable price in a variety of designs and materials, you can conveniently, DIY one. Specifically, one that fits your own design and/or drawers dimensions.

Do a quick search for kitchen drawer spice organizers or spice drawer inserts on Amazon. They range in material from plastics to wood, 2-tier, up to as many as 6-tier.

DIY Spice Drawer Organizer

Tip: This is a drawer that can get somewhat heavy, so make sure your drawer can support the weight

Tip: As we continue down this journey on how to organize your kitchen drawers, keep in mind many of the items discussed are in the form of drawer inserts. They are pre-assembled, you just have to make sure they will fit the size of your kitchen drawer!

#6 Take Cover:

Another drawer insert idea is a bread drawer insert. Like other inserts, this is a kit designed to be used in a kitchen drawer.

Of course, like many other inserts, these range in sizes and depths. Certainly this idea also lends itself to helping organize and better declutter the kitchen countertops from a more bulky, bread box.

#7 Paper Towel Hide-Away:

Finally, we come to the last tip or idea of the day, an idea to stow-away bulky paper towels off of the kitchen counter.

Another project idea that you can DIY or purchase online.

The bottom line is the less clutter on-top the counters, the larger and more open a kitchen can feel. Often, this is a key component in homes with smaller-sized kitchens.

In addition, check out this cool find, he turns a fake kitchen drawer, into a paper towel cubby!

Final Thoughts!

Oftentimes, perception is someone’s reality. With that said, if we are able to transition more bulky, space occupying kitchen items, to a more discrete location, the kitchen may become a more desired location in the house.

In conclusion, we’d like to thank you for stopping by.

In the end, we hope you’ve taken something away from this post, or found a cool gadget to give a try that can add to more stress-free living.

As we continue our journey with ways to organize your life to decrease stress, the next part of our series, focuses on how to organize your garage.

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