Part II: How to Organize Your Room

The Simple Things In Life:

Oftentimes, when we think stress & stress relief, things are made to be more complicated then they need to be. In other words, it’s often the simple things in life that can make the biggest difference. In this post we’ll discuss how to organize your room.

how to organize your bedroom to reduce stress

Organization can be a secret weapon, if you will, for stress relief. If you haven’t read our post on “Reducing Stress Through Organization“, head over and check it out!


We think SOVA puts this type of thinking in perspective hen stating, ” whether cleaning out your closet, or buying color-coordinated folders, we all feel satisfaction when things are put in their place”.

Research published at Indiana University, even found that people with cleaner homes are healthier then those with a messy one.

Consequently, this type of research has lead to a global frenzy of organizational tactics. Go ahead and do some browsing on social media sites like YouTube, you’ll find tons of videos on creative organizational ideas!

Having said that, think about yourself, and how you feel when their is clutter. Whether that be in your room or anywhere else you spend significant time.

How does it make you feel?

  • Overwhelemed?
  • Anxious?
  • Stressed?
  • All of the above?

The fact is, being a more organized person, in general, can have huge effects on everyday stress levels.

Not only can messy homes be a factor for your physical health, but clutter can also affect food choices, even impacting things like personal relationships, according to Intermountain Healthcare.

The Bottom Line!

Reducing stress in an area of your house you spend much of your time, is a very crucial part of the transition process. Once you tackle one room (or part of your home), take those same tactics to other areas.

In other words, build an organizational foundation. Find ways of organizing that works for your life. Combine different ideas or stick to one main theme.

Although for some, organization may seem like a difficult task, let’s not try to reinvent the wheel.

K.I.S.S: Keep. It. Simple. Sally. Lol!

Having said that, let’s get into some ideas and tips on how to organize your bedroom, specifically.

Tips on How to Organize your Bedroom:

There are many tips and tricks on how to organize your room. These may be simple, but there’re effective!

1. Throw Things Away:

Surely this is nothing new. However, an easy fix!

Do you have old bills, statements, school-stuff lying around?

Grab a trashcan and a shredder (if they are personal documents, of course!), and get to work.

throw old stuff away

 Consequently, this is most likely the easiest way to reduce clutter in your room. Make a goal of going through old documents every few months.

Furthermore, keep a small trash bin or portable shredder close by, under your desk, or a small nook in your room. Places like Amazon or Wayfair have plenty of options, even ones that look like furniture, to tie into your room’s theme.

2. He Shoots, He Scores! Into the Hamper, that is:

Tell me you’re utilizing some sort of hamper to place dirty clothes. There is nothing worse then having clothes laying all around your floor(s).

Can you even tell what’s dirty anymore?

In other words, if you don’t have a hamper, invest in one. They’re cheap, and like trash bin’s you can find cool designer ones, that adds something extra to the room.

Moreover, you can even DIY one.

DIY: Rope Basket Hamper

3. Gadget Organizers:

Honestly, you can find anything these days online.

We even found handy organizers to hang from the bed, desk, or even your dresser.

In fact, you can house things like your T.V. remote, glasses, iPad, phone, charger(s), etc.

Are you crafty?

If so, make your own. These bedside organizers range from different fabrics, and designs, making it easy to find exactly what you need.

DIY Bedside Pocket Organizer

4. Float It:


Yes, float it!

Floating shelves of course! These are trendy, but have serious staying power!

floating shelves

Thus, are a great way to de-clutter and organize your bedroom, while at the same time, keeping with a room’s theme or design.

Floating shelves are simple, yet are extremely functional. Another added bonus is their versatility. These can be used in any room, without looking out of place.

 Consequently, you can take the same shelves and make a seamless connection to different rooms!

Use these to sit picture frames, use as “end-tables”, place books, art pieces, sculptures, a candle, a plant, as a small desk, and so much more!

5. Furniture Storage:

One of our favorite ideas!

Some of the many furniture storage pieces you’ll find today are:

  • bedframes
  • ottomans
  • seating
  • benches
  • trunks

For instance, (some) bed frames have built-in storage (which acts as a dresser) to store clothes. A creative way to save space. Store winter or summer clothes in the off-season, rather then take up space in your closet.

Likewise, ottomans, benches and trunks, can work for extra throw pillows, or blankets you keep in the room, “just in case”.

6. Perception is Reality:

Sometimes it’s just the little things. You may have a lot of furniture or belongings, that just have no where else to go.

perception of organization

Here are some ideas to make things “appear” a little more organized, and less cluttered:

a. Color Code/Have a Plan: 

This involves a little bit of thought.

For instance, hanging all of your suits in one place, t-shirts in another, sweaters and long-sleeve shirts together. This easy tactic can make things appear less cluttered, and more organized.

Take it one step further, color code them!

Sometimes its about perception, you may have a ton of clothes and a lot of options, however with this type of system, your room will flow better.

b. Shoe Organizer: 

shoe organizer

 The concept above, can be applied to shoes as well. Maybe not the color-code part. However, purchasing a shoe organizer that fits in your closet, can save space.

Specifically, these pieces can help to make use of vertical space!

Keep ’em Coming…

c. Clear off the Top(s): 

Limiting the amount of belongings you have on top of your dressers, night stands, and other surfaces in your room.

Consequently, this will make for a cleaner feel to the room in general.

d. Roll It/Fold It/Hang It: 

Roll it, simply implies to things that can be rolled-up that still look good, and saves space. For example towels, or some smaller articles of clothing.

how to organize your bedroom by folding clothes or rolling towels

 You can find all sorts of organizers for towels. Take a peek on Etsy, there are handmade towel organizers which are cheap and super cute!

However, not all things can be rolled, right! So, if it needs to be folded, then fold it. Nothing adds to clutter in your bedroom then clothes lying everywhere and anywhere.

Last but not least, hang it. Some clothes are just not meant to be folded, or rolled. The last think you want is wrinkled clothing, making more work for yourself in the form of ironing.

7. Peg Boards:

Pegboards can be an amazing addition to many parts of the home. They are cheap, easy, and versatile.

Many different sized pegs, or peg boards can be purchased to serve a multitude of purposes.

You can use hooks or actual pegs. In fact, your can even make a custom peg board and add floating shelves to it.

This adds a really cool, clean, and customized look to your room.

Custom Peg Bard Idea!

8. Multi-Purpose Things in 2022:

The concept of turning or using your existing furniture pieces and accessories in more ways then one.

Turn a basket or linen bag you have, into storage for throw pillows or blankets.

Take an old ladder storage shelf used for knickknack’s or other décor, and use it for your shoes.

DIY an old mirror and turn it into a storage piece for jewelry which you could then mount on your wall, using it in a multitude of ways.

Final Thoughts!

We appreciate you stopping by and hope you have walked away with some cool ways of organizing your bedroom.

Remember, there are tons of ways to reduce stress in your life and using organization as a tool, can help you achieve this.

Stay tuned for Part III in this series, as we look at other ways that organization can reduce stress in your life.