Outdoor Meditation Space:

Meditation can be done in any area of your home! It can even be practiced on the go. A great way to explore the boundaries of meditation is by setting up your own beautiful outdoor meditation space. Outdoor meditation is the ultimate way to get in touch with nature, your mind and your body, simulatensouly! 


diy ideas for your outdoor mediation space


The combination between meditation, relaxation, and being outdoors, seemingly makes the practice that much more beautiful. Outdoor meditation spaces in particular, can also be a fun DIY project. Specifically, taking a break from all the COVID talk to create your own oasis.

Ever thought about trying to set your own meditation space-up? Well, whether your have or have not, it’s actually easier then you might think. Oftentimes, dependent upon how handy ou may be, and how elaborate you want the space.

In this discussion we’ll shed light on how, and why, you should make your own outdoor meditation space. Furthermore, offering up some tips and ideas to help along the way.


Why You Should Create Your Own Outdoor Meditation Space?

Here comes the why! Medication has long been synonymous with a “deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind“. Furthermore, helping to streamline your thoughts. Being rid of a jumbled and chaotic mind. NIH, even accompanies this, by providing evidence citing literature as to how meditation can aid with stress, pain, weight-control, even PTSD.


You Will Have a Place to Focus and Concentrate on Your Meditation Practice:

Columbia University researchers state that meditation can actually change the structure and function of the brain, through relaxation. Thus, may just help increase focus, concentration and attention span. 

It’s true that you can meditate practically anywhere. However, you’ll want to find a quiet and comfortable spot to meditate (certainly for beginners) for best results. Sometimes this concept can become difficult. Maybe your house is loud, maybe you have a busy family who never seems to have a quit moment. 
Alternatively, it could be that your room is cluttered, making it not the best place to meditate.



Regardless, you’ll want to meditate in a place that is entirely your own from time to time. This way you are able to fully concentrate and focus on the self and the practice itself. Consequently, DIY outdoor meditation spots come in handy for this purpose. With just a days worth of work, and some creative decorating, you can too, have your very own medication space.

study in 2016, showed promising results that even brief meditation sessions can improve allocation of attentional resources. Therefore, it’s important that even if you find just 10 minutes out of your day, that you regularly focus on yourself and daily meditation practice.


You Can Customize Your Outdoor Space to Your Liking:


customize your outdoor meditation space


Privacy and quiet are important for deep meditation. One of the best parts about DIY outdoor meditation spaces is your ability for customization. Even if a relatively small space, you can still make it your own, all quant and cozy!

Personalizing a place for peace and relaxation can quite significantly, support your practice. Thus, making it easier to transition from your chaotic life to a more meditative mind-set. As such, even making it possible to carve out just few minutes a day, while still being productive.


It’s Easy, Fun, and Improves The Look of Your Property:


outdoor meditation space look and feel


Finally, outdoor meditation spaces can be a great weekend project for you and your family. It’s not hard to customize your own space in just a few hours of shopping. Then, of course setting up your home space. 

While it may be true, others in your home may not share similar meditation interests. However, creating an outdoor meditation space, is the perfect excuse to spruce up your backyard. Consequently, adding some beautiful décor both inside and out.

Doing so, may even spark ideas to create some cohesion within the rest of your yard, and/or home. Meditation spaces usually “scream” relaxation!

You can add your own touches and personalized look and feel to your meditation spot. Don’t be afraid to get some input from the people around you. Everyone in your house can enjoy a nice “Zen” type space. Accent it with your favorite greenery, comfortable meditation cushions, and set an amazing ambiance!


DIY Ideas For Outdoor Meditation Spaces:

Okay, so it’s easy to understand what having your own outdoor meditation space can do. However, it’s another start generating ideas. One way to do so is to take a look online. Places like YouTube, or Pinterest are great starting point for inspiration.

Hopefully within the rest of this post, we can help give some direction. Oftentimes, simple suggestions, spark all sorts of ideas.

So here we go!


Create a Cozy Spot With Blankets and Pillows:

One of the aims of outdoor meditation spaces is obviously for comfort and relaxation. However, it’s not necessary to create some spartan-like environment. Oftentimes, simple pieces or design elements go a long way.

In fact, you’ll want to bring pieces in the space that are personal to you. Furthermore, ideas which make you feel comfortable and cozy. For example, blankets, throw pillows, cushions, plants, sculptures, water elements or even music.


music in your outdoor meditation space


Brainstorm about favorite places for vacation. Bring some of that culture or color schemes into your DIY space. Maybe you have a dream destination spot, try imagining yourself there. What would your perfect, comfy-cozy spot have?

Oftentimes, less is more. This holds true even if you have a rather large space to utilize. Don’t feel the need to take up every inch. Keep things peaceful and free of unnecessary clutter. Meditation is for stress management, not to add more to your plate!


Make Your Own Lanterns:

Lanterns are a perfect addition to your outdoor meditation space. They can be super personalized and easy to make. You can get lanterns at your local store or vintage shop. The important thing is to purchase something that speaks to your tastes and looks aesthetically pleasing. Setting up an outdoor meditation space is all about intention and calm.

So, get a lantern and other items that make you feel at ease and in harmony with your meditation spot. Neutral colors and other calming colors are recommended. You can even paint your lantern into your desired color if you want to customize it a little! 

However here is a way to make your own customized lanterns below!




Then add candles, or other types of light to fill your lantern and give you the right lighting for your mediation practice! You may want to choose battery run candles as they will be safer for your practice, as you will not have to be concerned with a real candle flame. Battery powered candles nowadays, look as good as the real thing, and they are safe. Some, even have timers so they can be set to your sessions.

The downside of course is the you will not get that nice aroma from the real thing. To solve this, maybe invest in some essential oils, incense sticks, or aromatherapy diffusers.


Create a Meditation Garden:

Meditation gardens can be created by hand with stone, sand, and a rake. This is a simple DIY idea that can help bring calm and Zen into your outdoor meditation space. Choose neutral colors that induce calm, and create fun and unique patterns with your sand and stones. 

We would also suggest looking at others mediation gardens, as well. Obviously, we are all different and want different things in our gardens, but you can truly get a lot of inspiring ideas from people who have already created their own. These are not hard to make. However, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the look of a meditation garden before tackling this project on your own.




Add Live Plants and Flora:

Plants and other live flora can also be added to your outdoor meditation space. The addition of live greenery is important to the aesthetic of your meditation area. Oftentimes, adding plants, brings an added, piece of mind. Plants will make your meditation space look more interesting, colorful and fun. In addition, the live greenery may also help tie your space together, connecting with nature more seamlessly. 

Meditation is not just about reaching into ourselves. As we meditate, we want to interact and see the world around us. Plants require care and attention, simply having to take care of them, may help bring a sense of calm and tranquility, prior to meditation.


Install a Fountain or Water Source:


water source in your outdoor mediation space


This last suggestion is also, totally optional. Not everyone has the time or money to install a fountain or water source in their meditation space. However, nowadays you can find fairly inexpensive, easy to set-up, portable water elements. The sound of water falling or moving can be a beautiful sound for stress relief and helping you meditate more effectively.

There are all kinds of fun ways you can do this. For example, investing in a small fountain, something simple and minimalistic. Or, take a huge leap and even dig out your own pond, even adding fish to your backyard space.

Having live water running, can really be a life changer. Not only is the sound of importance, but the aesthetics are an added bonus! 


Final Thoughts!

These are just some starter ideas for designing and organizing your very own outdoor DIY meditation space. The opportunities are endless. Thus, allowing for a complete customized look and feel of your special spot. One last suggestion is to start simple, and add to the space as you go. During your sessions, you may start to visualize other aspects or items that would look perfect in the space and also be beneficial to your practice.

It’s okay to start small, simple, and grow your practice into something that can truly be life changing.



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