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Meditation Cushions:

Meditation “sitting” can be a vigorous practice, due mostly because of the position one may maintain. However, if possible, should not be an uncomfortable practice for your body. In fact, there are a number of meditation tools that can be used to enhance and deepen your practice. In this post, we’ll talk about meditation cushions.

These soft-to-firm “pillowy type” items can be the perfect way to boost your meditation ability, helping adjust into your session(s) easier. The idea of pillows, blankets and cushions is to aide in maintaining proper alignment of your spine and posture. For instance, helping the pelvis tilt slightly forward. 

Some believe meditation is difficult. However, we believe that while it may be difficult to master, anyone can participate. Like many practices or hobbies you choose, with the right tools and/or items, can make all the differences.

Now, not everyone will use cushions in there practice. Meditating on a mat, even on a chair, works just fine for many. However, it’s nice to have the options, if you so choose.

What Are Meditation Cushions?

meditation cushions

In more ancient Chinese practice, handwoven mats made from materials like grass, were utilized. Round cushions like the ones traditionally used in meditation, are known as a zafu.

Meditation cushions or meditation floor pillows are devices that can be bought online or in stores. These convenient pillows help cushion your body. Furthermore, allowing you to sit for a meditation session more comfortably. For example, they may help to lower the knees, or tilt your pelvis. Ultimately, with an end goal of better spinal alignment and posture. 

For some, it can be more difficult to sustain extended periods of sitting in the same position. Subsequently, investing in a meditation pillow or cushion of some sort, certainly makes sense. 

Unfortunately, both young and older meditators can experience aches and pains from staying in a sustained meditative pose. However, meditation cushions help bring the support that you may need to help elevate or sustain a posture for a longer period of time. 

Meditating with cushions is like yoga to your yoga mat. It adds a level of comfort and support that can help with your practice and within your individualized sessions.

How Can Meditation Cushions Improve Your Practice?

how do meditation cushions help with meditating

With less discomfort, you may notice a change in your practice. Consequently, you can focus on scanning your body and clearing up your mind. With a clearer mind, it’s easier to focus on the task at hand. More focus may equate to a more energized session.

As beforementioned, meditation cushions help you maintain better posture. Thus, keeping aches and pains of the body limited.

What Types of Meditation Cushions Are Available?

Meditation cushions are not one size fits all. As the practice spreads, so does innovation, considering the world we live in. Seemingly, more products exist to cater to a more diverse population of meditators. The variety of cushions has never been better, in our opinion.

Over the years, meditation cushions have taken on many forms. In the early days of meditation, monks and other meditators had crafted simple mats filled with grass to sit on. Those practicing meditation were able to sit for hours on these minimalistic cushions.

Nowadays, one can find all kinds of cushions that suit many meditation styles. From more traditional round cushions known as zafus, to thicker more rectangular cushions, known as zabuton cushions.

Zabuton products, in particular, are great for lying down meditating or kneeling.

Seemingly there is no limit to the shapes and sizes you’ll find. Oftentimes, you’ll find cushions even tailored to contour your body. Many materials can also be used. Importantly is to find a material that suits your individualized needs.

How to Pick Out Your Meditation Cushions?

1. Consider Your Price Range

price of a cushion for your needs

You don’t have to break the bank to find a good meditation cushion. Budget-friendly and high-quality cushions are available to both beginners and advanced individuals.

Firstly, how much time are you investing daily? Secondly, how much time do you average per session?

Answering these questions, may give you a better idea of price range. Some cushions can get quite expensive. Specifically, luxury meditation cushions. Obviously, finding quality, that doesn’t break the bank is the goal.

2. Consider How You Meditate

What meditation cushion you purchase will largely depend on how you meditate. Certain meditation postures, like a traditional lotus, will require a more rounded cushion. If you’re kneeling during your practice, you might want a thicker and firmer cushion.

In addition, certain sized meditation cushions might be more conducive for your meditation, as well.

3. Get Something Comfortable 


Above all, you’ll want a cushion that brings you the comfort you need. The look and feel of your cushion is important, but if you can’t maintain a comfortable position, it won’t be of much use to you.

If you’re looking to ease your knees, for instance, a Seiza meditation cushion can be put on a meditation bench. This will take all the pressure off your knees. Very thick cushions also have the same effect. They allow you to sit upright more easily with your knees high in the air and your hips supported.

4. Pick Out Your Meditation Cushion Material

what materials do meditation cushions come in

Size, shape, color, and even materials can differ with meditation cushions. The material of your cushion is largely up to your preference. Wool is highly popular with meditators, and has been touted to improve your circulation.

In addition, you may find Cotton, polyester, and even buckwheat. Kapok fiber is also another great option. It acts like cotton, but is slightly firmer. Wool is great, but it can flatten over time. However, there are many quite durable and comfortable products within the marketplace.


Top Meditation Cushion Products

If you are completely unsure of where to begin, we’ll do a quick recap of some popular meditation cushions next. Furthermore, these cushions are both affordable, and boast a quality make.

Crystal Cove Meditation Cushio

Crystal cove meditation cushions are top of the line products. These pillows have a visually pleasing design and can be bought at under fifty dollars. Crystal cove cushions are made of all-natural materials. They primarily use buckwheat to keep the pillows firm. You can also refill these cushions once they flatten out.

Gaiam Crescent Meditation Cushion

Gaiam crescent meditation cushions are wider and come in a crescent shape pouch. They offer another affordable meditation cushion for buyers with great quality! In particular, this product is made to reduce stress and help you achieve better posture as you meditate. This cushion gives meditators the ultimate support in their knees and hip areas!

Alexia Meditation Seat

The Alexia Meditation Seat is slightly more expensive. Partly because this cushion is specially made to fit your body. It’s more of a seat, than a traditional meditation cushion. However, it offers ultimate comfort while meditating.

Alexia is angled so that you can sit cross-legged without unwarranted pain. It supports the knees, hips, lower back, and even your feet. You won’t find a meditation product quite like this one!

Manduka Enlight Bolster

The Manduka Enlight bolster can be used for both meditation and yoga. It is a versatile and comfortable product that is great for kneeling meditations, seated meditations, or meditations done while lying down. Manduka is not the most colorfully vibrant product, but it is extremely durable and functional!

Yoga Accessories Rectangular Meditation Cushion

This final meditation cushion is extremely affordable. It comes in at under $40 and can be bought in several different colors. This cushion is made from cotton material. It is soft and breathable. In addition, this cushion is nice and wide, to adjust to a larger population of users.

You can also put in extra cotton or material in the cushion. Cotton can get lumpy over time, so the added zipper makes it easy to replenish.

Final Thoughts!

Hopefully this has been a resourceful post for your meditation cushion buying needs. There is much more variety today then ever before. Remember, sometimes less is more. Taylor your purchase to your individual needs. 

Please share any feedback on brands you have used in your practice in our comments section.


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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you use them to purchase items, then we may earn a small commission. Hope you find something that you like!
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