5 Fun Stress Relievers: Enjoy These Easy To Use Stress Relievers At Home!

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Fun Stress Relievers:

In this post, we’ll discuss some ways to deal with stress at home, with somewhat of a fun twist. We present fun stress relievers!

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Many individuals are aware of more common ways we as humans, deal with stress. These include things such as; taking a break, indulging in a peaceful walk, deep breathing techniques, and exercising.

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However, sometimes relieving stress or managing symptoms of stress, requires us to think outside the box a bit more.

With that said, let’s get into some fun stress relievers, that anyone can try!

Here Are 5 Fun Stress Relievers To Try:

1. A Coloring Book

Easy, cheap and not a brain twister by any stretch of the imagination.

In fact, type in “adult coloring books for stress” in google or Amazon search, you’re bound to find plenty of options. Another interesting place is Bookriot.com, to get some variety of adult coloring books!

What’s so great about these books?

According to an article posted by Cleveland Clinic, coloring in general, can be used to actually relax the brain. A “simple act of coloring takes your attention away from yourself”, the article states.

coloring book stress reliever for adults

Furthermore, coloring helps to focus on one simple task and has no set way of being completed (i.e. staying in the lines vs. or being messy). These traits make coloring, a stress-free alternative.

These types of books have taken a hold of these these advantages, gearing them to help keep your brain stress-free through a simple activity everyone knows. Although coloring is much different then art forms like meditation, or yoga, it can still be classified in many ways as a mindfulness-type activity.

With that said, other perks of these books are the variety, amount of time a book can last, as well as cost.

Research On Mindfulness-Based Activities:

According to the American Psychological Association, many research studies have looked into mindfulness-based activities. Much of the research focusing on either mindfulness-based stress reductions (MBSR) or mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT).

Regardless, the reviews of many of the studies concluded that mindfulness-based activities are most notably effective in reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

On top those disorders, mindfulness-based activities are also said to help with pain, being a potential aide for smoking and addiction, as well as immune support, (found in preliminary evidence).

Another exploratory study, geared toward looking into the effects of MBSR & MBCT, suggested MBSR may help improve psychological functioning in employees. The meta analysis itself, included 23 studies, only 2 were described of having “high methodical quality”, however.

2. Incense

The second way you can help to relieve stress is by scent. Calm your nerves and make your house smell wonderful, while spending pennies on the dollar.

Besides that, incense is cheap, making it even more appealing. You can even DIY incense sticks at home if you have access to certain essential oils and of course, incense sticks.

One of our personal favorite scents is lavender, which is usually our go to, even when using a home essential oil diffuser. However, using essential oils such as Sandalwood or peppermint (and many others) can also create an atmosphere of relaxation.

In fact, practices such as aromatherapy use scents to help us feel grounded. Aromatherapy is touted for it’s ability to help in times of stress-free need, managing pain, improving sleep and even boosting immunity.

Having said this, incense sticks would fall in the category of being a tool for aromatherapy.

aromatherapy or incense for stress relief

The holistic practice of aromatherapy is also known as essential oil therapy. Other tools for aromatherapy include; diffusers, inhalers bathing salts and hot compresses, to name a few. The effects are usually scene after inhalation or skin absorption of specific essential oils, which have their own set of benefits.

With this said, it’s important to research where you are buying specific oils from, not all oils are created equal. Always talk to a medical professional or holistic expert, as using specific oils may have side effects to the skin. Don’t stop any treatment that you may taking for any disorders without speaking to a medical professional.

3. Writing

Writing is a great way to get your thoughts out, especially if you don’t have anyone to vent to. Keep a diary. Start writing about things you are thankful for, or people who are great inspirations in your life.

Secondly, Harvard Health published an article discussing writing about emotions, called expressive writing. Specifically, if one has experienced “stress, trauma or unexpected life developments”. One way in which this type of writing is thought to help with stress, may be by overcoming traumatic memories.

stress diary

Further, the article goes on, discussing that writing down emotions may help to move beyond the experience.

One caveat is timing of this type of writing, however. Further explaining that right after a traumatic event, may not be ideal. Try waiting a few months time before trying this style of writing.

Besides journaling or expressive writing, you may try blogging (like this one). Starting a blog not only helps you get your thoughts out and on “paper”, but it can also help you to reach others who may struggle with similar issues.

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4. Stress Balls

Stress balls are just toys! Right?

Well yes and no. Stress balls to many may seem like just a toy, however even The American Institute of Stress, states, there are tools we can turn to in moments of stress.

Consequently, Here Is Some Interesting Research:

Stress balls, believe it or not, have even been a source of research studies for different reasons.

One study showed that using stress balls in 6th graders helped with focusing attention, and that students were less distracted in class.

Another study found that stress balls helped relieve patients anxiety during surgery.

Brown Med explains, stress balls are “no long term solution for stress”, however in acute moments of stress they can provide some tension relief.

A Cool Craft Idea?

One of the best parts about stress balls are there variety, and that you can actually make one yourself!

Hence, we present to you a cool video on how to DIY stress balls!

How To Make A Stress Ball?

These are cheap and super easy. You can get really creative Check out this video on how to make your very own stress ball!

5. Get Organized.

One thing sure to add stress to your life, is clutter!

In fact, Cleveland Clinic posted an article stating that just “getting rid of clutter can improve your health”.

Think about misplacing your keys or your wallet. How does this make your feel? Stressed? Anxious? Nervous? Well, oftentimes the very reason we can’t find something, is due to clutter.

Just a little bit of organization goes along way. Organization leads to better prioritization abilities. This alone means you’re probably able to function better on a daily basis.

organization is another stress reliever

Alternatively, you are bound to have a fiend, family member or colleague, that is an expert in this field. Ask them for help. Build an organizational foundation, that where much of the creativity can then begin.

Final Thoughts!

Okay we did it. We got through all 5 fun stress relievers. Now it’s about feedback.

Do any of these ideas currently work for you? How did your stress ball turn out? Where can you go from here?

We’d love to here your story!


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Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you use them to purchase items, then we may earn a small commission. Hope you find something that you like!
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