Best Relaxation Games:

In this article, we’ll discuss the best relaxation games. It can be hard to unwind after a long day at work or school. However, games can be the perfect antidote to your stress, helping to get out of your head and into the present moment, in a quick and fun way!

Many people don’t think of gaming as a relaxing activity, at first. In fact, competitiveness often come to mind when we think of games, which can be another avenue of stress. Still, games are diversifying more and more each year. Nowadays, there are plenty of relaxing games you can download on your mobile phone, gaming consoles, and computers.


best relaxation games


As we start on this journey, keep an open mind. Oftentimes, initially some games may not seem suited for you. However, give these a chance, as we’re sure they will grow on you.


Best Relaxation Games:

1. A Short Hike


a short hike game


A Short Hike is the first game we’ll talk about on our list. This cute adventure game has you play as an anthropomorphic bird, hiking in the mountains. You leisurely hike and explore the mountains in search of a cellphone signal. Your character is waiting for a call, but can’t find service at the bottom of the mountain.

Although, winning the game and finding the signal is not the point of A Short Hike. Above all, players get the most out of the game via tranquil game-play and setting. Throughout the game, you fly through various calming scenery.

Furthermore, treasures can be found, and you complete side missions, as well as talking to the local residents. You can play the game as slow or fast as you want. There is no need to rush through this relaxing title. In addition, A Short Hike can be downloaded to any computer and it is under ten dollars to purchase!


2. Animal Crossing


animal crossing game


Animal Crossing is the perfect way to spend your evening. This fun and colorful game introduces players to a cast of laid back and cute animals. The game is set in a village that you get to customize. In addition, there are many exciting and relaxing tasks that you get to participate in. For example, you can fish, hunt for bugs, dig up fossils, and talk with the animals in your village.

Animal Crossing is known worldwide for its calming and soothing atmosphere. There are many versions of the game to choose from. The newest version of the game has recently come out on the Nintendo Switch, so you can now pick up a copy of the game for the Switch. Alternatively, you can buy an older Animal Crossing game for older Nintendo consoles.

In addition, there is an Animal Crossing mobile game, that lets you play the game on your phone. So try out this option if you don’t have a console.


3. Stardew Valley


starview valley


Stardew Valley is another popular game known for its relaxing game-play. In this particular title, you role-play as a farmer. Your character has recently inherited some land from a family member, and you have to tend to that land. There is a lot to learn in this game, but for the most part, easy to pick-up.

From the different tools and tasks, you can spend hours toiling virtual farmland without a care in the world. However, the game does not end here. You can craft virtual relationships, do some cooking and fishing, and even explore the secrets of your village.

This is a versatile game with a lot of fun features. The best part is, you can get this game on any device. The popularity of this game has made it widely available. So you can download it on your phone, computer, or consoles.


4. Viridi


viridi game


Viridi is a free mobile game that lets you grow your own plants virtually. Taking care of plant life can be relaxing, but maybe you don’t want the hassle of live plants in your home. This game takes the mess out of gardening, and lets you learn about real-world plants on your phone.

The app was developed by real gardeners. In addition, there are also tons of ways to customize and plant your greenery through your phone. For example, choose how to pot your plants, and how you water them. Calming backdrops and music have also been added to the game as well, to further your relaxation.

For the most part, Viridi only lets you grow succulents. You will have a nice and peaceful time with this plant game! You can even download Viridi on your PC or Mac computer.


5. I Love Hue

i love hue game


Anyone who likes to do puzzles should download I Love Hue. This puzzle game is bright and extremely calming. It doesn’t take much skill to play this title either. Basically, you use colored tiles to help create complete beautiful backgrounds. You try to match up colors to create an even spectrum of tones and hues.

With a swipe of your finger, you can forget your worries for a little, and try to create harmony in your game board. At the same time, you can learn the differences between colors and their various shades! I Love Hue is available to download on all mobile phones, and nd you can get it for free!


6. My Oasis


oasis game


My Oasis offers players the chance to create a virtual paradise right from the comfort of their phones. With this gaming app, you can take a break from your stressful day and sink into a peaceful environment. Unlike other games, you don’t have to use complicated controls or game-play. Oasis has a very simple and relaxing interface. Moreover, with simple clicking and tapping, you can control everything.

Calming sounds and visuals are also imputed into the game for a more Zen experience. Your thoughts and worries will slowly reduce as you get into My Oasis. You will meet many cute critters, and be able to customize the virtual landscape around you.

The game creators made this title to help people sleep easier and feel less on edge. So try this out if it sounds like something that interests you! My Oasis is currently available on mobile devices only.


7. Harvest Moon


harvest moon game


Harvest Moon shares similarities to Stardew Valley. For example, both games are farming simulators, featuring characters who inherited farmland. However, Harvest Moon came out long before Stardew Valley. It’s one of the first farm simulator games to ever be developed.

In this game, you clean up your farm and harvest plants, vegetables, and various crops. You also take care of cattle and get to know your neighbors, developing connections. Harvest Moon isn’t as detailed as a game like Stardew Valley. In fact, It’s a little more simple and easy to play.

The game itself has gone through a few iterations. It is now known as Story of the Seasons. Older Harvest Moon titles have also been updated. They include more features and have improved graphics as well. You can now get this game on your PC computer or a Nintendo Switch.


8. Journey

Journey is a top-rated game available on PC and many game consoles. This immersive title allows players to explore a vast virtual landscape, full of secret and stunning visuals. You will not find another game like it and if you are looking to relax, you can’t go wrong with Journey.

This is a very detailed game. From deserts to caves, to the skies, you get to traverse all these places at your own pace. The music is amazing as well, and helps add to the peacefulness of Journey. There is no voice acting in the game.

Musical notes and chimes create ambient noise that fills your senses. You will find yourself in a meditative and relaxed state after taking the time to engage with this game!




abzu game


The last game we will introduce on this list is ABZU. This title is made by the same people who developed Journey, so you know you are in for a relaxing time. Instead of journeying on land though, ABZU has you exploring an underwater world.

Water in general is known to have relaxing properties and soothing effects on the body, so watching underwater animals swim around you may also induce similar effects.

There are no time limits put in place. The controls are easy to follow and understand as well and you can swim around to your heart’s content in breathtaking aquatic environments. The music is relaxing and the visuals will help you feel more meditative and tranquil.

Small underwater puzzles games are included in ABZU too and you can also see plenty of underwater plants and fish. If you like underwater diving games or want to explore the ocean from the safety of your home, try out this game. It’s available on all major game consoles and PCs.