Sweet Almond Oil Benefits For Skin:

Sweet almond oil (SAO) differs from regular almond oil. It is popularly used in all sorts of bath and beauty products. Today, we focus on sweet almond oil benefits for skin, in particular.

Both almond derivatives have been around for a long time. In fact, they were used in ancient Hindu cultures. For example, pastes were made with crushed almonds, and used as body cleansers

In this post, we’ll discuss almond oil and potential benefits for your skin. In addition, some applications it can be utilized in.


Sweet almond oil benefits for skin


The Basics:

Color: Light Yellow

Scent: Very light

Commonly used for: Cold process soapsbath bombs, lotions, scrubs, exfoliants

INCI Name: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil

Normal Usage: Up to 18% in cold process soaps. Up to 15% in lotions, & creams. Up to 10% in balms

Normal Extraction Methods: Expeller pressed, refined

Melting Point: Liquid at room temperature

Composition: phytosterols, tocopherols, fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E, B2

Warning: Don’t use if you have a nut allergy


What is Sweet Almond Oil?


what is sweet almond oil


Sweet almond oil comes from extracted oil of sweet almonds which are produced by a tree called prunus dulcis var. amygdalas. More then almond oil, sweet almond oil is the one in which most choose to use in bath and beauty products. 

Sweet almond oil can be a perfect choice for home DIY products. In fact, many DIY’ers and hobbyist’s choose to use SAO in products to sell. For example, soaps, lotions, scrubs and others. Oftentimes, this is due to the oil’s versatility. 

Additionally, sweet almond oil can be used as a carrier oil for essential oils in massages (i.e. aromatherapy massages), or to increase the moisturizing effect in soaps and bath bombs. It’s lightweight texture and ability to help moisturize, makes it suitable for many different skin types. 

Sweet almond oil is not the same as almond oil. Almond oil is produced from a different type of almond tree. In fact, almond oil is actually considered to be an essential oil. Furthermore, there composition is different and they also differ in the way in which they are used and in application.

Sweet almonds are also edible. They’ve been touted to have a host of health benefits when ingested. For example, cholesterol & immune support. They are sources of vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin A. 


Sweet Almond Oil Benefits For Skin:

Sweet almond oil is great when used as a carrier oil (partially due to its soft aroma). As beforementioned, it’s perfect when used as a massage oil, combined with other oils, or used with skin safe (diluted) aromatherapy oils. 


Great Moisturizer For Any Skin Type:


sweet almond oil in soap making and as a moisturizer


In fact, it can even be used when making lip products and lip exfoliants. The ability to absorb quickly, leaves your skin felling well hydrated, smooth and luxurious.

Sweet almond oil contains many key nutrients and vitamins that help revitalize the skin. This includes Vitamin A and E, along with other fatty acids. Sweet almond oil is a great addition to any bath and beauty product, as it is readily absorbable into the skin. 


Effective As A Massage Oil!

Sweet almond oil has mild hypoallergic properties. Thus, making it perfect for the skin. In fact, this quality makes it suitable for all skin types, and a well known massage oil for babies. 


sweet almond oil as a carrier oil for massages


Try adding sweet almond oil for massages as a form of stress reduction. Benefits of massages include; reduced pain in joints and muscles, and a more rested mind. 


May Help with Itchy Skin/Eczema/Dermatitis:

study done in 2017 compared aloe vera gel and sweet almond oil on striae gravidarum in nulliparous women. Results suggesting SAO helps to “reduce itching of striae, but also prevent their progression”.

Sweet almond oil has been used for centuries to help with eczema and psoriasis. In 2018, a study found that using 7% sweet almond oil with 2% colloidal oatmeal was effective in treating moderate to severe dermatitis. 


Great Oil For Soap Making:

Sweet almond oil can be used to make amazing soaps! If you are looking for a good base oil to use in your soap project, sweet almond oil is a great choice. It can be used up to 18-20% in soaps. 
In addition, leaves a non-greasy, but hydrating look and feel to your skin.

Sweet Almond Oil in Cold Process Soaps:

  • Great for dispersing colors. For example, micas and oxides during the premixing process.
  • Usage rate: 1 tbs. oil to 1 tsp. colorant.
  • Use 18% – 20% in CP soap.
  • SAO is a great oil for herb infusions


May Improve Hair Health:

In addition to improving your skin health, sweet almond oil can also help boost hair health. The same vitamins and minerals that work to treat your skin, help moisturize your hair and scalp. Particularly, the oleic acid may help your hair grow stronger.

When used in hair applications like shampoo, it can add a sheen, and act as a oil/water emulsifier. 


Final Thoughts!

An absolute wonderful oil for so many applications, from hair, to skin, even your lips, it’s hard to go wrong with SAO.

Please share your favorite products with SAO that you’ve used or currently use in your skin care regimen.

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