5 Minute Office Yoga:

Really? A 5 minute office yoga?

Absolutely! This can be especially helpful, providing a work “escape” from a stressful job or one in which you’re seated for longer durations of time. In fact, their are many poses that can be performed and inserted during work hours. Oftentimes, we pay little attention to our posture while sitting. Over time this can lead to pain, pour range of motion and stiffness. Most often while in these “unnatural” positions, we are stressing out the back.

5 minute office yoga routine

In fact, according to the Better Health Channel, poor posture can lead to ailments such as;

  • spinal dysfunction,
  • joint degeneration,
  • rounded shoulders,
  • body aches and pains.

Moreover, it can also lead to neck issues, decreased flexibility and make one more prone to injury. So, what can we do? Number one is we can start to make efforts to spear head posture issues, knowing in many cases it’s possible to improve upon. This can include changing activities or simply by strengthening your muscles.

Oftentimes, it’s suggested that you improve your core muscles. This includes not just the abdominals, but the back and pelvic floor muscles. As it pertains to this post, yoga can help target some of these muscles quite simply.

Asanas For A 5 Minute Office Yoga Routine:

The 5-minute office yoga positions that you’ll find below aim to above all, help stretch and strengthen the spine. Simulatensouly, making it more pliable. As with any exercise or stretch routine, if you’ve had any acute or chronic back or neck pain it’s important to consult with a medical expert prior to engaging in yoga or other fitness regimens.

Even a 5-minute yoga routine, done on a consistent basis, can help you improve your awareness of said issues. Thus, allowing you to better focus on improving yourself from both a physical and mental standpoint. A benefit that will certainly make you comfortable, even at work.

Seated Cat’s Pose:

To practice the sitting cat’s pose, bring yourself to the front of the chair with your back straight. Bring your gaze to the ceiling by slightly arching your back. Then, begin to slowly arch your back forward starting from the lower back. Place your hands on your knees and keep your arms relaxed as you practice.

Seated Crescent Pose:

Now we work on lateral flexion, in Crescent pose. This is an important movement that is often overlooked. Practicing Half-moon position while seated, helps to lengthen the torso. Begin by raising your arms up. Grab your left wrist with your right hand. Inhale and exhale, lean to the right, then return to center. Reverse the wrist grip and lean to the left.

Eagle Pose (Arms only):

Normally, Eagle pose involves both the arms and legs. However, while seated the arms will be involved only. Sit comfortably with your back straight. Bend your elbows turning your arms upwards. Place your right elbow in the hollow of your left arm. Then, bring your palms together and join them by crossing your wrists. Hold for a minute and then reverse the position of the arms.

Basic Back Stretch:

To practice this back stretch, you can use the back of the chair as support. This is an exercise that will relieve tension in the shoulders and upper back. Bring your arms up, alongside the sides of your body. Lean forward slowly following your gaze until your hands touch the edge of the backrest. Contract your buttocks to prevent your back from hunching.

Standing Forward Bend:

Here is a position that releases tension in the lower back. Begin, standing on the mat. Inhale and bring your arms up overhead. Then, exhale, hinging at the hips, descending downward with your hands toward the mat. Alternatively, you can slightly bend the knees or grab your shins for comfort. With each exhale, deepen the pose.

Final Thoughts!

We call this an “office routine”. However, these simple poses can be practiced for 5 minutes, almost anywhere. The point is to have a simple set of asanas that don’t require much space or equipment.

With that being said, this is also a routine that may be a starting point for you to grow and expand on your own practice.

If you have the chance, add a longer yoga session before bedtime to help get a better nights sleep.


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