Childs Pose (Balasana):

Name: Childs Pose

child pose

Sanskrit: Balasana

Pronunciation: bah-LAHS-anna

Pose Level: Beginner


  • Firstly, kneel-down, sitting on your heels, your feet are together while the knees open slightly to the sides, so that they can accommodate your belly.
  • Then, drop your weight forward, resting your torso and forehead on the floor. Stretch your arms out in front of you, on your mat, so that your back is straight.
  • With your hands to the floor, pull the mat towards you, drawing towards the center of your body. You will feel the shoulder blades descend down and more centrally towards the spine.
  • Then, push away with the hands. Alternate this small pulling and pushing motion.
  • Breathe while remaining alert, light on the points of support, without collapsing.


  • Relaxes the body;
  • Relieves stress & fatigue;
  • Gently stretches the hips, thighs and ankles;
  • Relax the front muscles of the body, and gently stretches posterior;
  • May find relief in back pain;
  • Allows you to have more control over your breath;
  • Reduces anger and selfish attitudes;
  • Calms and relax the mind;
  • Promotes a profound state of harmony;
  • Reconnects us to the purity of our inner child.

Pose Modifications:

If tightness in the hips, use a blanket as a support under the torso. In the case of knee pain, use a towel between the thigh and calf. If the forehead does not touch the ground, provide additional support here.

While in the position you can do 2 variations. For example, bring your arms along your legs by relaxing your hands with the palms up, near the feet or behind the back. Secondly, you can bend your arms at the elbow, bringing your hands tight-fisted one above the other, under the forehead.


Like all yoga positions, even this one, although simple, has contraindications. So avoid its execution if:

  • You’re pregnant;  
  • If you have knee or hip problems;

Always try to work within your limits, and if you have specific problems, consult a doctor before performing this or any other asana.

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