Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids:

Christmas is coming around the corner sooner than you think! Before you know it, you and your kids will be setting up decorations and lighting up your Christmas tree. So, you want to be properly prepared for the holiday season with some family fun and some great DIY crafts. Looks no further then these easy Christmas crafts for kids!

If you’re looking for easy Christmas crafts to do with your kids during the holiday season, you have come to the right place. Here, in this post, we’ll talk about some simple, but exciting crafts to do with kids during the winter season. There is no better time to start prepping for Christmas. These fun and exciting family activities will get you right in the mood for the holidays.

You want to spend plenty of time with your kids during winter, making creative, cute seasonal decorations are the perfect way to spend a family night together at home.

Best, Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids:

1. Gingerbread House Made Out of Graham Crackers

The first Christmas craft for kids on this list is a classic seasonal craft. Gingerbread houses are the best way to start your December off-right. You might not want the mess of making your own gingerbread for this particular craft. So, if you want an easy and simple gingerbread house, we have an alternative suggestion. You can substitute gingerbread with graham crackers!

You’ll still need all the typical food and decorations to assemble your house with your family, but this is less expensive and simpler to make at home. Icing is a must, as this will help you keep your graham crackers together.

You’ll also want other assorted treats to make a fun and edible house! You can ask your kids which treats they want to put on their house. Items like marshmallows, M&M’s, sprinkles, and chocolate chips are a good way to get started decorating.

Kids can make a pretty decent sized house with graham crackers, but if you are still set on making a classic gingerbread house, and don’t want as much of a mess in your kitchen, we suggest getting a gingerbread kit from your local supermarket. You can still add plenty of your own decorations and candy to your house!

2. Pine Cone Christmas Tree

The next craft can be made with materials from the outdoors. If you have a pine tree in your backyard, you can collect pinecones to make your own Christmas tree indoors! These small kids crafts can be made into ornaments or be left around your house as a cute decoration.

To begin making these crafts with your kids, you’ll need acrylic paints, a paper plate as a palate, some paintbrushes, and some craft paper. This is a fairly basic and inexpensive craft, but they look really great during the holidays!

If you don’t have any pinecones in your backyard, it is easy to get some from the store though. Once you have your pine cones, get your paints out, and prepare the plate with the colors your kids want. Have them start by painting their pine cone completely green. Then add various colors for the “ornaments” on the tree or get some small decorations from your local craft store like in the video above

Once you and your kids are done painting, you can cut out your craft paper. We suggest using yellow paper. This will be used as the tree topper on your pine cone. Cut these out in the shape of a star, and then your kids can glue them on their pine cone Christmas trees!

3. Snowflake Ornaments

Snowflake ornaments are another fun craft you can make with your kids. This is a fairly simple at-home project. You’ll just need some popsicle sticks, acrylic paint, and other decorative additions your kids can put on their ornaments.

To start, get the popsicle sticks out for your kids. You’ll want to paint them first before you put them together into a snowflake form. Let your kids pick out colors and paint. Then, let the sticks dry fully. After this, you can begin making the snowflake with the popsicle sticks. Glue two popsicle sticks down in a plus shape. Then glue the next set of popsicles over the plus in an x shape. There are alternative ways to make the snowflake shape as well so have fun with it!

Your kids only need three to four popsicle sticks to make the snowflake. After this, they can begin decorating their ornaments. This can be done in any number of ways. Kids can put glitter on their snowflakes, pom-poms, or even rhinestones!

4. Christmas Tree Paper Plates

Christmas tree paper plates require a little bit of painting and some gluing, but overall, this is another easy Christmas craft for kids to do at home! To make your festive paper plates, gather up some paint, colored pom-poms, and some ribbons.

Cut out the paper plates in the shape of a Christmas tree. You can draw the shape into the plate for your kids and have them cut it out themselves. After this, let them start painting the tree green and use brown for the trunk.

Once these parts of the tree dry, your kids can start putting on their colored pom-poms and ribbons as tree decorations. You can tie up the ribbons and glue them on, or you can cut small holes into the plates and lace the ribbons into the trees with your kids.

5. Paper Plate Santa Clause

Your kids might want to try out other paper plate crafts. In particular, if they like Santa Claus, they can make their own jolly saint nick, in plate form! This will require similar craft supplies to the paper plate trees. You’ll need to get some acrylic paint, paper plates, craft paper, and some cotton balls from the store.

Luckily, a paper plate Santa Claus will require less cutting than a Christmas tree. In fact, you only need to cut out a hat shape for this kid’s craft. So start by making a hat for your kids Santa plate. Glue it on, and then have them paint their plate with a face and a big red nose.

For the beard and the fur of the hat, you’ll want to use cotton balls. Have your kids stretch them out a little, then apply the cotton to the plate and the bottom of Santa’s red hat. 

6. Paper Snowflakes

This is the final Christmas craft for kids we’ll talk about in this post. This craft is another classic holiday decoration. You probably remember making your own paper snowflakes in school or at home, but if you can’t quite recall how to cut them out, we’ve got you covered!

The supplies for this winter craft are pretty basic. You just need paper and scissors to create beautiful seasonal snowflakes. You can add your own flair to them with glitter or paint if you want, even a string to hang around the house!

To make these, simply fold a piece of paper into a triangle. You’ll want to have your children keep folding the paper into as small a triangle as they can get. Once this is done, the paper should be cut. Make straight cuts and snips into the paper to create a snowflake pattern. Then, unfold the paper and get a beautiful snowflake shape.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


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