5 Easy Relaxation Activities For Kids:

Anyone who has spent considerable amount of time around kids know they have a seemingly never-ending supply of high powered energy. This can be great whenever they’re doing activities like playing sports or riding a bike. However, when a rainy day comes along, or whenever it’s time to utter the one word that seemingly unlocks an extra reservoir of energy, bedtime, it can be cumbersome to try and get them to settle down and relax. Hence, we introduce to you 5 easy relaxation activities for kids.

These activities are great when they don’t have wide-open spaces to burn off all of their excess energy.


I. Take a Bath

kids bath time

Baths have been a source of relaxation for centuries. Something is soothing about running water and calming aromas that melts all stress and anxiety away. If your kid is all wound-up, anxious and needs a way to release their energy to calm down, drawing a warm bath with aromatic bubbles is a great way to soothe their nerves.

Including a bath in your child’s nightly bedtime ritual will allow them to decompress and get a better night’s sleep. Add a cool kids bath bomb and you are sure to have a winning combination!


II. Practicing Breathing

Another excellent way to teach a child how to relax is to teach them how to practice breathing. It may sound simple since breathing is a simple act that we do every day. However, teaching your child to stop and focus on deep breathing can have meditative properties. Furthermore, helping them calm down and focus on relaxing.

Having your kid practice breathing is also a great seg-way into teaching your kids about the importance of mindfulness. Whenever it comes to mindfulness, there is no better activity than yoga.


III. Yoga for Kids

yoga for kids

Yoga for kids has a ton of benefits and is a high relaxation activity for kids. It will help them understand the importance of stretching. Additionally, it will allow them to work on enhanced mindfulness, and help soothe any stress or anxieties the child may have.

Numerous different poses are appropriate for children. Any and all of them are great ways to incorporate a little bit of exercise into your relaxation routine, whether it’s before bed or early in the morning.


5 easy relaxation activities for kids, kids painting

4. Painting

Another great activity that kids will love is painting and other DIY crafts. Painting can help enhance relaxation through the use of concentrating their focus on painting specific designs. If you can get your child to focus all of their attention on painting a specific object or design, you will find that instead of their energy being directed outward, it will be directed into their work.

Not to mention, you can also base activities around painting figures that can turn it into a calming game for kids.


V. Read a Book

kids reading a book

The last relaxation activity for kids is reading a book. Whether you’re the person reading the book, or if the child is reading the book on their own, there are tons of different advantages from allowing kids to read. For example:

  • a better imagination,
  • faster understanding of language, and
  • word association.

If you can incorporate reading as a relaxation routine early in your child’s life, they will reap benefits well into the future as they blossom into adulthood. It’s also a great way for children to unwind.


Final Thoughts!

There are tons of activities and ideas out there to help your children relax, especially if they are cooped up indoors. We hope some of these activities will help in that venture.

As always, we hope you will share your experiences with any of these activities or share some of your own ideas!