Is Aromatherapy Massage Right for you? Components, Potential Benefits & Risks!

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Aromatherapy Massage:

Massages are a great way to unwind after a hard week. However, if you want to take your relaxation to the next level, you should treat yourself to an aromatherapy massage!

What exactly is an aromatherapy massage? We’ll dive into this question and explore all the basics you need to know about aromatherapy massages.

Then, you can decide if an aromatherapy massage is the right relaxation method for you!

aromatherapy massage

What Is Aromatherapy Massage Therapy?

Aromatherapy massages are a form of massage that combines Swedish massage techniques with the power of essential oils. A masseuse will pour natural essential oils onto your body. Furthermore, using various levels of pressure with their hands to de-stress the body thoroughly. 

In addition, essential oils (which are diluted in a carrier oil) are packed full of powerful scents that can help clear the mind and loosen up the body.

As these plant-derived oils are pressed into your skin, the idea is to enter a deeper state of relaxation. In some cases, an aromatherapy diffuser will also be used in combination with the oils rubbed onto the body. Many of these therapeutic grade essential oils are said to have healing properties when inhaled and/or rubbed directly onto an individuals skin. 

One specific essential oil, lavender, has been known to be used as a remedy for psychophysical relaxation. This in part due to it’s (touted) sedative and calming properties. Many essential oils have been used for hundreds, even thousands of years as forms of traditional and complementary medicines.  

In science, compounds within these essential oils, like linalool in lavender, can interact with certain bodily “neuropharmacological targets” and receptors. Thus, leading to a relaxing type effect. 

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How Are Aromatherapy Massages Performed?

how are aromatherapy massages perfromed

Oftentimes, clients prefer a professional massage establishment to get their aromatherapy massage completed. This type of massage can be performed at a spa or clinic, but typically, a licensed masseuse will use various oils to help you relax.

Massages can be customized to your particular needs. Additionally, the client can discuss with the masseuse particular oils, and what type of massage there’re looking for. Many different types of essential oil combination can be mixed for your session.

Clients are encouraged to browse different options. This, in regards to specifics of the massage and oils. Uniquely, many essential oils have touted “healing” properties. In fact, research exists on many therapeutic grade plant extracts.

Oftentimes, you’ll need to set up an appointment and find a reputable place to get your massage done. Always do some research. Read customer reviews. Above all, choose somewhere you feel comfortable.

What Are The Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage?

There are several potential health benefits associated with an aromatherapy massage. The following benefits can differ depending on the essential oils used, the massage techniques, etc. On the whole, you should see similar positives results from consistent aromatherapy massages.

1. Potential for Further Relaxation and De-stressing

Aromatherapy massages are focused on getting you tension and stress-free. Enjoying the scents of your favorite oils should have your anxiety melting away. Coupling with sedating aromas and carefully practiced pressure points of a massage, will have you relaxed in no time.

In fact, studies have shown that both regular massages and ones using aromatherapy, significantly reduce anxiety and depression scores after treatment. 

Another study focused on hand massages using lemon, tuberose and labdanum essential oils. In conclusion, suggestive of an anti-stress effect, stronger then the effect from massage alone. 

On the contrary to beforementioned studies, there have also been studies inconclusive or showing little effect of these massages on stress. One study in particular looked at aromatherapy and massage on stress reduction in nurses. The review revealed that evidence did not sufficiently prove it to be effective in reducing “job-related” stress.

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2. May Help Reduce Intense Mental Health Symptoms

The research into this type of relaxation technique is still in it’s infancy, it seems. However, aromatherapy massages are really starting to make waves in the health community.

Surely, aromatherapy massages are not going to be a cure for all of your problems. Mental health problems require professional intervention, and usually a mix of different methods to treat. However, you may be able to reduce the symptoms of various disorders with the aide of regular aromatherapy massages, coupled with complementary therapies/practices, like yoga and meditation. 

Healing from our emotional issues starts when we can get in a clear frame of mind. Massages, aromatherapy, yogameditation, along with other mind-body practices may offer a healthy combination, to feel better overall.

There have been small sample size studies looking into specific populations and the use of aromatherapy. For instance, a study looking at treatment of psychological symptoms of postmenopausal and elderly women. In conclusion, suggesting aromatherapy may help with symptoms like anxiety and depression. 

Oils like lavender may have positive effects in clinical settings among patients. Helping to control anxiety and cortisol levels.

Something as simple as a massage or an aroma, could be the start of your road to a more balanced-relaxed state. When you know you can feel even marginally better, your mental health outcomes will hopefully positively increase. 

3. Decongestion

Since aromatherapy is a scent-based massage, it has the potential to help clear your nasal passages depending on the oil(s) chosen. Diffusers may help promote better nasal health as well. In short, because they help to diffuse the aroma and it’s compounds throughout a space.

Peppermint, tea tree, lavender, and other essential oils have the potential (according to some research) of improving your breathing. Thus, leading to less mucus build-up, and less congestion in your nasal passages.

Peppermint in specific, has been studied and well documented for its ability to act as a decongestant

4. May Reduce Chronic Back Pain & Other Chronic Pain Conditions

may help reduce and aide in chronic lower back pain symtoms

Many People who suffer from chronic back issues go in for a massage regularly. It has been shown to be effective in managing subacute/chronic low back pain, as well as soft tissue injuries. However, if you want something that can take your routine sessions to another level, aromatherapy just might be for you. Adding in potential benefits from plant-derived oils. 

If you suffer from chronic back pain, an aromatherapy massage may help reduce the discomfort you feel in your body. Massages immediately promote release of endorphins. In addition, help decrease levels of stress hormones. Physical benefits not only include better immune system function, but also reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, improved joint mobility and flexibility.  

Essential oils themselves are thought to stimulate the limbic system responsible for helping to control emotions. 

One small sized study in patients with osteoarthritis concluded that massage with lavender essential oil was found to be effective in pain relief.

Furthermore, other health conditions that create pain in the body can be improved with this type of massage. People with arthritis, myofascial pains, severe PMS, TMJ, and many other health conditions can benefit from aromatherapy massages in several ways.

Another study concluded that aromatic oil massage provided relief for outpatients with dysmenorrhea (pain associated with menstrual cramps) and reduced menstrual pain duration. 

5. Can Help You Get A Better Night of Rest

Back massages coupled with essential oils, may also help you get a better night of rest or quality of sleep and duration. Lavender, chamomile, and other oils can help induce a deeper state of sleep, With the addition of a deep tissue massage, you can further enhance the effects of aromatherapy, for an improved night of rest.

ay help reduce joint and muscle pain short term

Individuals that suffer from insomnia or other sleep issues should look into an aromatherapy back massage.

study of surgical intensive care unit patients showed that aromatherapy message enhanced quality of sleep and positive changes in physiological parameters. 

Aromatherapy itself, has also shown positive signs in children with sleep disorders. Specific oils showed improve quality of sleep, deep sleep, and time crying prior to sleep onset in children.

Are There Any Risks Associated With This Practice?

In general, aromatherapy massages should not be dangerous for the average individual. However, you do want to consult your massage therapist before you undergo this type of back treatment. Usually, professional establishments will ask about your health history. They will also ask about any allergies you may have.

You could be allergic to certain oils and not know. It’s important to take these health questions seriously. You’ll want to ensure that the oil you use is safe for your body. Furthermore, try and dab a little on your hand, before you’re massaged with the oil.

In addition, if you’re pregnant or have any type of medical condition, it is best to consult your doctor. Some health issues could be worsened by aromatherapy massages. For instance, body lesions or certain skin conditions may not be the best candidates for this type of massage.

Final Thoughts!

Aromatherapy massages are great, but you always want to do proper research. Consult with your massage therapist or PCP if you have any conditions that may be an issue with oils or deep tissue massage.

We also recommend that you pair these massages with other treatments that may have been prescribed. Aromatherapy massages may be a great way of relieving certain symptoms, like pain, but we are not indicating them as a cure for any condition you may have!


Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you use them to purchase items, then we may earn a small commission. Hope you find something that you like!
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