Essential Oil Car Diffuser:

The great thing about an essential oil car diffuser is having the ability to enjoy the portability of aromatherapy, during your ride.

Let’s face it, some ride’s into work are rough! Are you someone that’s always in a rush, or has to deal with traffic on a daily basis?


stress out driver


Many of us travel on a daily or weekly basis as part of our jobs. The power of portability really shines through when discussing car diffusers.

Furthermore, car diffusers now come in a variety of different styles, colors, and materials, to satisfy everyone’s desires.

Moreover, we all have different styles, right?

Whether it’s your phone case, or an air freshener; design, function and fit are all important.


Stress & Driving!

Interesting facts about driving under stress or (DUS), if you will. According to Brooks Law Group stressed drivers are more inclined to road rage, potentially impairing your decision making skills on the road.

An article posted on confirms this. “Stress-out reactions are linked to aggression, which is linked to higher risk of collision”.

Oftentimes, when it comes to stress on the road, we think of heavy road construction, being lost, merging at rush hour, an absurdly slow driving vehicle we can’t get around, even that annoying back-seat driver.

The fact is stress, whether it be in our work life, home life, or while driving a car, can impair our ability to focus and think about the task at hand. It interferes with logical thinking.

It becomes imperative to come up with ways of coping and managing this stress, even while driving. Aromatherapy, may just help during these occasions.

Why choose aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy deals with natural plant extracts, like essential oils. These oils help promote and harmonize emotions, physical and spiritual health through the application of these extracts, according to NAHA (National Associations for Holistic Aromatherapy).

It’s believed that aroma’s (via the inhaled method), stimulate nerves in the nose. Thus, sending signals to the brain that control emotion and memory. (University of Michigan Health)

In this case, it’s being specifically utilized to help promote relaxation, and relieve stress. Let’s discuss types of car essential oil diffusers.


1. USB Essential Oil Car Diffuser:

Firstly, USB essential oil car diffusers. USB diffusers are fairly simple to understand. These brands use a cable to plug directly into a USB port in your car. Most cars have built-in USB ports which make these a very easy to use option.


essential oil car diffuser USB


However, if this is not an option in your car, no fear. It’s simple to purchase adapters for another outlet in the car.

A higher recommended USB diffusers, is the Vyaime essential oil car diffuser. It’s design makes it spill proof. On top of that, it’s easy to fill and a powerfully functioning diffuser.

Another upside is it’s fit. It does nicely in a simple cup holder. Furthermore, it’s powerful enough to be transported right into your home office or another small space you use on a regular basis.

The design allows for about 200 milliliters of water. Simply, this allows for a long lasting life for its purpose.

The one drawback of this diffuser, to some, is it’s size. If you want something small and sleek, you may want to keep browsing.


2. Car Air-Vent Essential Oil Diffusers:

Probably not much to guess here. Air-vent diffuser are just as the name implies. Specifically, they function by clipping onto your car vent.

Perks of these diffuser is there ease of use and not requiring additional batteries, nor adaptors to charge.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves tangled in all these cords. Well no worries here, as no cords are involved.


essential oil car diffuser for vent


Truly, at this time your thinking design, right?

Again, you’re in luck, air-vent diffusers are sold in a multitude of designs. Besides trendy designs, these diffusers offer a sleek appearance. Another perk is the ability to refill (some of) these overtime with various oils.

Point is, one inexpensive purchase, can translate into many less stressful rides.

So what’s the drawback?

In our experience, the draw back is they don’t give quite the aroma some of the other plug-in car diffusers offer.

Like many things or items you purchase, it has to fit your needs. Often, another draw back about air-vent diffusers or aromas of any sort is there longevity in producing aromas.

Many of these car-vent diffusers come with re-usable pads. In our experience, they do have a tendency to loose that aroma fairly quickly. Specifically, if you place it on a vent that’s always open and running, the scent will fade quicker.


3. DC Jack Car Diffuser:


car diffuser for dc jack


Much like the USB diffusers, these run off the battery of your car. They also come in a variety of different sizes. Most are refillable with a specified amount of water and essential oil mixture.

Once filled and plugged into your car adapter, it will start to disperse the aroma. These deliver a mist-like substance. Depending on the chamber size, each fill will last anywhere from an hour to a few hours at a time.


4. Rear-view Mirror Hanging Diffusers:

Like the car-vent essential oil diffusers, these don’t use there own motor to disperse aroma’s.

However, the vent diffusers do have the power of the heat or A/C to lean on. Hanging diffusers do not, which remains one of there major drawbacks.


essential oil car diffuser on rear view mirror


Oftentimes these work well when looking for stress-relief scents, coupled with a space saving design.

Longevity with the hanging diffusers are most often not there strong suit.


When Purchasing An Essential Oil Car diffuser, Think:

  • Size of device (portability).
  • Design.
  • Length of time one fill will last.
  • Multiple misting modes (low/medium/high).
  • Safety: Auto-off feature (turns device off when chamber is empty).
  • Color changing.
  • Cords vs. no cords.


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Final Thoughts!

We hope you’ve learned some important tips before purchasing your next aromatherapy car diffuser.

As always, if you’ve tried a brand that you enjoy, share your story below in the comments section.

We hope to see you all again soon. Please feel free to share our posts on your social media.