Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant:

Aromatherapy “on the go”?

An essential oil diffuser pendant, like the ones you find on many necklaces, are a great way to take the essence of aromatherapy anywhere you go.


essential oil diffuser pendant


Oftentimes, during our event filled days, stress get’s the best of us. With that said, we keep going, keep pushing forward. However, we may want to stop and think what the short and long term repercussions of this are.

At some point, we need to learn to manage or cope with our stress. For some, aromatherapy is a way in which to do just that.


A Basic Definition:

Aromatherapy is a complementary health approach. The practice uses essential oils from plants. Once extracted, pure essential oils are either inhaled or used by skin application.

Common essential oils include:

  • Lavender
  • Tea tree
  • Ginger
  • Chamomile
  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint

You may have heard of aromatherapy massages, or essential oil diffusers. These are tools or practices in which we can use the extracts from these plants to help achieve a better physical, emotional or spiritual sense.


essential oils for massage


There have been many touted claims about the benefits of such oils. These include, helping with stress relief, anxiety, insomnia, even pain.


Why Aromatherapy Jewelry?

What has helped aromatherapy jewelry; like pendants, and essential oil bracelets gain popularity, is their portability. No longer do you have to be stationary to have the effects of aromatherapy.

So, whether you are a daily or weekly traveler, or just want a sense of calm on your commute, aromatherapy jewelry can be an option for you. 

Furthermore, aromatherapy diffuser pendants offer you the ability to keep your favorite scents with you wherever you go.

Additionally, these pendants can be very stylish. Often, you’ll find all types of designs to choose from, ranging in many different shapes, patterns and colors.

Truth is, people want to feel good. Whether albeit at work, home, traveling, there is a great push for improving wellbeing. Additionally, this push for a better wellbeing, comes with also limiting things like harsh chemicals.

Having said that, essential oil diffuser pendants have the potential to be all of those thing for you.


Let’s Talk Essential Oil Diffuser Pendants:

Firstly, great thing about pendants is they can be added to necklaces or bracelets. Surely, this will depend on the size and the look you are going for.

Some essential oil diffuser pendants are made specifically for a necklace, while others frankly look and fit better on your wrist. Like many types of diffuser jewelry, adding these items to your attire is easier then ever. 

With handmade jewelry and items being all the rage, you can even design one to compliment your own fashion outlook.

Secondly, with pendants, no oils are added directly to you skin. It’s always safest not to apply essential oils directly to your skin, anyhow.

  • Do you have a favorite essential oil blend, maybe even blends that are seasonal?
  • How about just using certain aromas for a specific purpose?


For instance, certain blends of oils can act as bug repellents in the humid summers. Maybe you work around unpleasant smells from time to time. Well you may just be in luck, benefiting from a slow release of aromatics throughout your day, to keep the smells at bay.


How Do I Use An Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant?

Simple Steps For Most Pendants:

  1. Housed within the pendants and diffuser jewelry are small, all natural fabric felt pads.
  2. Open the housing.
  3. Simply take your favorite essential oil, or blend(s), add a few drops to the felt pad.
  4. Close the locket of the pendant or magnetic clasp and you’re set
  5. The aroma from the felt pad will be dispersed over time.

The exact time aromas last will vary. This means you may have to refill it from time to time. Having said that the amount needed for refilling is extremely small.

Even if you have a 1oz. bottle, this will likely last you some time. Keep in mind not all essential oils are made equal. Some essential oils scents tend to last longer and be more potent. If the oils you bought are relatively inexpensive, they also may be diluted, so be mindful of your distributer.


Recommendations for Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry:

Tip #1

Don’t use pendants with other perfumes, fragrances, body sprays or mists.


Those types of aromas are synthetically made and do not have the same all-natural plant based properties of essential oils.

Sometimes it may be temping to use these, but this is not the point of this type of jewelry. Other synthetic aromas do not have the therapeutic properties that an essential oil may have.

Fragrances that display essential oil/fragrance blends should also not ben added to the pendants. In fact, a benefit of many essential oils is that they release a subtle, but relaxing aroma for an extended period of time. Fragrance oils can be quite overpowering, while undiluted.


Tip #2:

One disc per scent. You can attempt to cover up one scent with another, but we don’t recommend it. Felt pads are super inexpensive, so one pad per oil of choice.

Oftentimes, pendants purchased online come with 5-10 felt pads. Places like Amazon, offer tons of pads for fair prices.


Tip #3:

When purchasing pendants try to stick with a material like stainless steel.


Often, cheap metal rusts or fades. Stainless steel not only can look great, but it serves another purpose, and that is longevity. This metal is known for not rusting. It’s also known for not causing adverse reactions to the skin.

Silver and copper based jewelry on the other hand, may not be so kind. These metals tend to break down easier overtime as well. Get the most out of your purchase and choose quality material.

Essential oils are sure to rub against the metal as well, which can also cause certain metals or materials to break down.


Final Thoughts!

Whether you’re using essential oils to help calm your mind, help with emotional stress, or possibly for other spiritual uses, everyone has different agendas.

The results are often very subjective in nature. However, there is research that suggests both physical and emotional benefits of aromatherapy.

For us, we are avid uses of aromatherapy around the house, via our essential oil diffuser. Oils, like lavender, help us wind down after a long day and improve nightly relaxation.

We hope you learned some good information, specifically about essential oil pendants. These can be great options for anyone looking for aromatherapy “on the go”.

Please share your favorite pendants or blends of essential oils on our blog, in the comments section.