The Power of Visualization: Here’s How To Enjoy Success And Balance In Your Life

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The Power Of Visualization:

What is Visualization? Specifically, what does it mean when we say the power of visualization?

Visualization, according to Merriam-Webster, is simply “the act or process of interpreting in visual terms or of putting information in visual form”.

the power of visualization

To illustrate, as you walk to your car, or into your workplace, look around you. Everything that you see manmade was also imagined in someone’s mind first.

That object first had to be thought-up prier to being designed, and created. We can take this same type of thought process of “creating” something in your head, and use it in other ways.
How Can People Use Visualization to Help Achieve Success?

Some think about visualization as a form of guided or mental imagery. It’s wanting something, or believing in something, even practicing something over and over in your mind.

think positively

Overtime, this mental imagery and repetition to this way of thinking starts to shift and reflect into positive energy and direction.

HuffPost states, research has shown there is a “strong scientific basis for why and how visualization works.”

Personal Example:

A bit of a personal memory. When just a kid, roughly in my teens, I was a long time and avid baseball player. Now at the time, I knew nothing of “visualization”, mind you. However, I specifically remember doing drills in my head.

You see, I was a catcher and one thing a catcher has to be good at his blocking pitches in the dirt, framing, and calling a game. I remember going through entire innings, as if I was catching in a real game.

Techniques like, catching a ball relative to where it was thrown, hand placement, glove placement, footwork. Even foot mechanics when trying to throw out runners at each base.

Personally, using mental imagery like this, helped to shape my mindset. It made me more comfortable going through the motions in my head once I actually got on the field, both in practice and games.

At The Same Time Let’s Also Be Realistic:

Now what we’re not saying is that everything you ever think in your mind is going to come true. However, we do believe that using visualization, gives you a great chance of success at certain life practices or events.

How often have you practiced an interview? Going over in your head how an interview may go?

Most likely you:

  • Imagine the room setting.
  • Think about possible questions.
  • Practice the answer in your head.
  • Have an idea of how many people will be in the room with you.

The point is, this is a type of visualization. In other words, it’s putting yourself in the moment and imagining things the way you wish them to go.

visualizing and mental imagery stimulates the brain

Furthermore, its a known fact that when we imagine or visualize something, this process stimulates the same brain regions, then when we actually perform that action. Kind of crazy, right!

Interesting Finds:

Psychology Today states that, “brain studies now reveal that thoughts produce the same mental instructions as actions.”

Additionally, The Journal of Consulting Psychology released a study that found potential job seekers who used visualization techniques over ones that just used traditional interview techniques, had a higher employment percentage 2 months later (66% to 21%).

According to HuffPost (2015), “visualization is actually a way of getting your mind back on track when you feel out of balance.”

This is a technique that we can all use to try and reduce stress as well.

Practicing the Power Visualization Tips For Success:

Be Purposeful: 

To become successful with this techniques, don’t merely go through the motions. Concentrate, really putting yourself in the situation or place you envision.

This is not just a daydream. Focus on influencing your life, and habits within it.

Change your mindset:

Easier said then done. This part takes practice. Start to think about the positive’s in life. Cut out negativities. Think about what you want to happen, deleting all other thoughts.

work on you

Oftentimes, it’s hard to retrain your mind. Everyone at times, will have thoughts of negativity, it’s how you then respond to those thoughts. Visualization takes constant focus and practice, but it gets easier as you do it.

Additionally, you may find yourself visualizing more often then you thought you would.

Focus on a Goal: 

Equally important is focusing on a goal. This could be anything from a sport goal, a job interview, or simply living a more stress-free life.

Again, have an end goal. This is not just a fantasy thought. It’s visualizing for a purpose.

have a goal in mind

Become your own Best Friend: 

What does this mean?

Consequently, our posts are often about being stress-free. They focus on ways we can relieve anxiety and live in the moment. However, regardless how stress-free you want to be, everyone goes through hard times.

For instance, difficult job tasks, long work hours, and raising children. Start thinking positively for all you do.

The more you practice with this technique, the power of visualization, the easier you may find it to get back on track. Consequently, the better you may be able to deal with stressful situations.

Be Detailed in your Approach: 

For instance, be specific in your approach. Don’t just think about the goal, process how you’re getting there.

For example, think about a challenging interview question. We all have run into them, right? See yourself working through it, how not to panic. Prep yourself, in your mind.

Why do We Include this Blog Post?

We work to use this blog platform as a way to help individuals find there own sense of calm. In fact, we all can do this in our own ways.

For instance, simply becoming a more organized person, may be one fix. Furthermore, some of us may enjoy the occasional pampering session with products that help with relaxation. In the same way, maybe mental practices like visualization, can be an answer.

It’s Free!

Another thing about visualization is that it is free to use, right!

Above all else, you simply need your mind and a couple of minutes to yourself to focus. However, within this time frame you can use this form of guided or mental imagery to imagine yourself living and practicing a more stress-free life.

Finally, visualization can be another great coping mechanism or tool for you in difficult times. Having positive active thoughts can help you become more successful.

According to Huffpost (2015), mental imagery has been something that has even helped countless individuals achieve fame, such as Oprah, Bill Gates, Jack Nicklaus and Jim Carry. 

In conclusion, we may all have our own ways of becoming a more positive person, or becoming what we believe is more successful. Could this be your way?

Final Thoughts!

Thanks for stopping by and sticking with us. Surely, we hope you have picked up another tool that can positively impact your life.

Please feel free to share our posts. Of course, if you have success with visualization practices, we’d love to here about them we well!


Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you use them to purchase items, then we may earn a small commission. Hope you find something that you like!
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