Pigeon Yoga Pose:

Name: Pigeon Yoga Pose 

Sanskrit: Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Pronunciation: cop-oh-TAH-sah-nah

Pose Level: Intermediate

pigeon yoga pose


  • Performing an asana like Lizard pose, is a great lead-up pose to Pigeon pose. It allows for a beneficial stretch for your hamstrings.
  • Alternatively your could begin the pose in Downward Facing Dog -> Lizard-> Pigeon. 
  • Then, bend the right leg, bringing it forward toward the right wrist. The right knee should then come to the floor, outside your right hand.
  • Now, slide your left leg back, flat on the mat. The toes should remain pointed, with the top of the foot against the mat.
  • Attempt to square up the hips.
  • Then, attempt to bring the forehead toward the floor.
  • Breath for a few cycles, and the release the torso upwards, curl your left toes under, stepping back into Downward Dog once again. 


  • Opens the hips.
  • Stretches the psoas muscle.
  • Stretches the buttocks.
  • Helps to stretch the pecs.
  • Opens the shoulder girdle.
  • Promotes an upright posture.
  • Facilitates the release of stress and tension.

Pose Modifications:

One modification can be to place a blanket or cushion under the bent leg in front if it does not reach the floor. Consequently, this help to square the hips. In this way an even distribution of weight can be achieved. If the forward bend is difficult, place a block under the forehead.


If you have hip, knee or lower back problems, it is best to avoid it altogether, unless recommended by a healthcare professional. Women who are pregnant or with mild to moderate musculoskeletal injuries should speak to their doctor first.Among other risks, we also point out possible injuries to the knee, due to excessive pressure on the knees. To avoid problems, it is best to place a folded towel under the buttocks and thigh to improve the positioning of the hips and knees. This will reduce the pressure and the risk of injury

Poses Commonly Transitioned too:

One legged downward facing dog, Downward facing dog

Poses Commonly Transitioned From:

Fire Log Pose ( Agnistambhasana), Reclining Leg Cradle