Yoga For Women 50 Years Of Age:

As we all age, oftentimes we come to a point in which we no longer have the strength and time to practice heavy-duty vigorous exercise. However, there are practices out there that can still push your body and mind, in a safe and effective way. We’re talking about yoga, in this instance. Specifically, yoga for women 50 years of age and older.


yoga for women 50 years of age


Yoga can be extremely challenging, don’t get us wrong, but there are many exercises and styles of yoga perfect for women who want to keep their workout less aggressive.


We All Age:

Yoga for women over 50 can be incredibly useful. Yoga can be a vital part of feeling great and remaining strong and flexible, well after your, quote-on-quote “prime”.

Let’s face it, we all age, and all of us will face challenging physical limitations that come with aging, so yoga can be a great exercise routine to indulge in; keeping the body and mind, strong.

Yoga is not just good for older women, but it can for some, become a necessity. In fact, regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health, says the CDC.

One major issue with age, include an increase in the amount and severity of falls. Certain yoga maneuvers which are slower placed may help to achieve more balance, strength and prevent such falls. That said, yoga helps to rejuvenate your body while removing stress and decreasing the onset of fatigue.

Research has also shown that patients with specific disease process’s (in the aging population) can benefit from practices such as yoga. For example, sufferers of COPD. Yoga has shown the ability to improve quality of life compared to pulmonary rehabilitation for this population, in one research study.

Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of life, embark on the journey of yoga and retain your body in the best possible way. Grab your yoga matfavorite yoga props, & check out these top poses!


Poses: Yoga For Women 50 Years of Age:

Warrior I Pose 

Warrior I pose, when modified appropriately, can be a comfortable and courageous pose. With a focus on opening up your hips and chest, to strengthening your legs. This standing pose used widely throughout yoga practices, can help develop concentration, balance, and strength.

It is touted as a “holistically energizing” pose for all women, as it enhances breathing potential as well. Moreover, this pose can also activate your ankles, arms, shoulders, back, legs, and lungs (through focused breathing).


Triangle Pose

Trikonasana or the Triangle Pose is one of the best yoga poses for a full-body stretch. This is not only a great stretch for women, particularly women over the age of 50, but it also helps with balancing.

This pose provides a good deal of relaxation and stretch to the chest, hips, back, hamstrings and ankles. Furthermore, it also helps to strengthen the legs and back.

Therapeutically, this pose is has been touted to help with constipation, lower back paindigestive problems, asthma and even sciatica.


Tree Pose

The tree pose may not seem challenging to some, but it can be more difficult to execute then one would think. A pose deeply “rooted” (pun intended), in helping gain your balance and bodies alignment. Tree pose is the epitome of concentration and focused energy.

Begin in a mountain pose with your hands together and feet hip width-apart and distribute your weight evenly. Then, begin to bend your right knee, grabbing the inner portion of your ankle with your hand. Bring your right foot upwards alongside your inner left thigh.

Above all, pay careful attention not to press the left foot into the right knee. The left foot should be either above or below the knee joint. Now, with your hips in even alignment, bring your hands together in a prayer position, chest high.

Hold this pose. Inhale and exhale slowly, and fix your gaze on a focal point. Additionally, be mindful of your abdominal muscles and core, to help stabilize.


Cobra Pose

Personally speaking, one of our favorite yoga poses is the Cobra pose. Frequently taught and emphasized in many styles of yoga, cobra pose is a backbend type pose.

Particularly, cobra pose concentrates on spinal extension. It’s somewhat the opposite of the arch many of us yield on a daily basis.

Also, this pose offers some easy modifications. For example, the low cobra. In this instance, you’re not quite fully extended, allowing you to stay in a comfort zone, specific to you.

For this stretch, lie on your stomach with the top of your feet touching the ground, and one hand on each side of your chest.

Gradually raise your shoulders and chest towards the ceiling. Imagine pressing through the floor with your hands as you arch. Keep your eyes upward enough not to cause strain on your neck. Raise as high as you can, until there is a minor bend in your elbows.


Final Thoughts!

The best part about many of these asanas is the limited supplies you need, and the limited space you need to perform them. In fact, this is just one of the many advantages to mindfulness practiced such as what makes yoga and meditation. The value of this is frankly, unmeasurable.

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